Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Au Fait Skin Care Beauty Device Directions Review

Au Fait skin care. For best results, use the device in the areas to be treated at least three times a week for ten minutes. The Au-Fait skin care device has a built-in automatic timer set to 10 minutes. The skin care product Au Fait has been developed to make a skin serum more effective.

When using the device, make sure that the device lies flat on the area to be treated so that you can have full skin contact. Adjust the intensity according to skin type and personal preference.

Mode 1: Treatment with red LED Light 620 ± 5 nm

The red LED light is used to fold the skin and improve the regeneration of collagen and the elasticity of the skin.

Mode 2: Green LED light treatment 520 ± 5 nm

The green LED light is used for dark spots or discolored skin to prevent overproduction of melanin.

au fait skin care galvanic high frequency

Mode 3: Blue LED light treatment 465 ± 5 nm

Blue LED light is used to prevent bacteria that cause acne and oily skin.

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Mode 4 - treatment of yellow LED light 590 ± 5 nm The yellow LED light illuminates the skin. It is suitable for the skin with dark spots and blunt areas.

Mode 5 - Pink LED light treatment 700 ± 5 nm

The pink LED light is used to lighten the skin.

Mode 6: Pink Flashing LED light treatment

The pink flashing LED light is used to promote the penetration of skin care products.

After applying the serum to the skin, adjust the energy level and the LED light. Move the device as shown in the image at the top of this page. Perform the moves in the order 1-6 on each side of your face. Make sure the device is lying flat on the skin during the movement. This is easy to do if you apply the serum to the skin and the skin is moist.

Frequently asked questions 1 - Do I have to use extra oils or serums with the Au Fait Skin Care Device?

Frequently asked questions 2 - Can I feel the effects of the Au Fait skin care device? Answer: it varies from person to person, but most of our clients say they feel a slight tingling sensation in the treated area.

Frequently asked questions 3 - Can I use the Au Fait skin care device in my eyes? Answer: It is not recommended to use the device in the eyes because the RF and ETS signals can disturb the eyes. Do not use the device on the cheekbone or under the front.

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