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Timeless skin care products UK. Environ closes the gap between modern medicine and beauty therapy. The formulations and professional treatments are based on nutrients that have been scientifically tested and tested. It goes beyond the simple "mimes" to work with the skin to make it beautiful and healthy.

An Environ skin analyst organizes a special event every month and offers free 45-minute consultations with the company. The powerful Visia image processing technology captures information and assesses common areas of interest such as sun damage, brown pigmentation, stains, hair damage, wrinkles, scars or imperfections and clogged pores.

You will not believe what appears! It will identify the treatment goals and provide solutions to overcome the worrying concerns of the skin and eliminate years of appearance without having to go through the operating room. The camera of the machine offers a series of images that reveal the perimeter of each area of interest.

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The analyst then recommends products for home use, salon treatments, diets and lifestyle tips designed to give the person a cleaner, clearer, even firmer, smoother and healthier skin. Whatever your skin interests, there is an Environ assortment that adapts to your needs.

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Unique formulations are an effective anti-aging tool and effective against damage, photographic problems, skin problems, pigmentation and dryness. Users using Environ products will see results they have never experienced before, positive changes that are tangible and real. Our goal is to provide long-term health of the skin rather than a quick and temporary solution.

The next Environ Skin Analysis event can be found on the Special Events page. There are eight 45-minute spaces during the day. A very popular event that has been held every month in the Timeless Beauty Boutique for more than two years. Call the salon and reserve your seat now.

Distributors play an important role for foreign traders who want to seize the opportunity already used by larger companies and even take over the marketing of all products from a brand in Taobao Global. "Without the distributors, we would not have made that leap," says Pedersen. "It's just the fear not to know.

An American Apple manufacturer sells to China (in September about 45,000 of these distributors are qualified to sell through the website, ranging from cosmetics and food products to clothing and baby products.) Since Taobao Global, like all other platforms, Alibaba e- commerce, a market, the site serves only as a shopping center.

The result is that traders and traders often interact with each other and always make agreements, regardless of Alibaba. The company sets strict rules for dealers in customer service, logistics and product authenticity to maintain the integrity of the site. Zhong Jianguo, Timeless Skin Care's leading distributor in China, says that he is constantly looking for products that perform well in his local market.

Timeless skin care was characterized by positive comments in the US. The segment of specialized products and the emphasis on quality. The last two characteristics generally mean that a product in China attracts attention, says Zhong, while opposing the fierce price competition that characterizes Chinese e-commerce. "I spoke to Jay about philosophy and he agreed," says Zhong.

Target groups of Taobao Global are young people aged 20 to 35 who live in large cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. The purchasing power of this growing population is greater than that of other age groups in China, and most purchases are made online.

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In addition, these customers have grown further than the obvious brand purchases and prefer specialized products that better meet their increasingly demanding lifestyle. "The group is more willing than the next generation to try new things," said Zhou Nan, director of Taobao Global in Hangzhou.

This was the case of Timeless Skin Care. "Oh my God, I think we have just become a brand," she says at the moment her husband, co-founder Alex Pedersen. Taobao Global founded in 2007 and has become a destination for ever more demanding Chinese consumers who are looking for high-quality foreign products. And not the household brands.

There is Alibaba's B2C market, Tmall Global, a separate cross-border platform that supplies multinational companies such as Macy's, Gerber and GNC. Instead, Taobao Global focuses on specialized products from mainly small and medium-sized companies in overseas markets.

In addition to the US, Europe, Japan, Korea and Australia, other markets are popular with Chinese consumers. Small businesses can offer their products directly to Taobao Global, if they wish, but the way in which timeless skin care (via distributors) takes the most common route.

This is because the size and complexity of the Chinese market are larger than most new teams can handle alone. The Inkeys list is another popular product. Start by introducing one serum each and on other days to see how your skin reacts. Then it's just about experimenting and the price you can pay!

The Inkey List was founded by two former Boots employees with backgrounds in beauty, shopping and product development and aims to demystify skin care. The company has a database with more than 200 questions about products, skin types and more on its website. The packaging is elegant and monochrome. In August of this year the range was launched with 15 products based on ingredients.

Garden of Wisdom was founded more than a decade ago by a resident of Arizona family and is a cult brand among the radar, which is popular with skin care enthusiasts. The devotees did not care about the packaging, which was not suitable for the use of Insta, or the lack of publicity, but the products were not expensive and they worked.

This year they have created a line with the co-founder of Victoria Health, the pharmacist Shabir Daya. The packaging is polished, but the spirit is the same. Another brand from the US this has established its reputation by making products that work, rather than by striking ads.

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E-Ferulic acid serum is celebrated as the best "dupe" or duplicate £ 135 version of Skinceuticals. The Miami-based medical packaging of this brand, all in brown glass and blue and white labels, confirmed the claim that it is at the center of "the effectiveness and quality of the product, rather than investing in expensive packaging and advertising." A limited selection of the range is now available in the UK.