Friday, January 25, 2019

Fragrance In Skin Care Caroline Hirons Review

Fragrance in skin care routine, inspired by Caroline Hirons 

BRIGHT CLEANING OIL: remove any make-up. Massage on dry skin and remove with water or washcloth. I've tried it and it leaves no residue!

WELEDA Almond softener Cleaning lotion: this is for your second cleaning after you have removed make-up and cleaned in the morning. It is a cream cleaner that does not dry the skin, leaving no residue.

FAB Dragon's Blood Fix cleaning pads: these pads can be used because of their acidic and moisturizing tint, because they have both an AHA on the one hand and hyaluronic acid on the other. You can now get them for fifteen dollars in Superdrug, a total bargain price!

Wild Ferns Manuka Honey Facial Serum Antioxidant:
this is an affordable serum full of antioxidants (very beneficial for the skin!). In general, the serums are more expensive, but this is relatively cheap and of good quality. Some serums are just a mixture of different vegetable oils, which is good, but reduces the durability of make-up. 

fragrance in skincare caroline hirons

Fushi organic Rosehip oil: ideal for fading scars and nourishing the skin. However, I would recommend to use it only at night if you wear makeup during the day because oils greatly reduce make-up life. 

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Calming face cream with almonds WELEDA: It works day and night to nourish the skin and create a pleasant base for the make-up.

Nutrition for the skin WELEDA: Personally, I would find a good use for it. It is pretty heavy and many people only reserve it for the body, but it is one of the favorites in many models! It would be great in dry places!

Dr. Royal Jelly Eye Serum: no separate product is required for the eyes. However, it is good to have a product with ingredients that are specially designed to address the problems in this area. I think that is very soft, perfect for the concealer. If you are really dry, I recommend something richer or just use your normal moisturizer around the eyes.

NUXE Reve de miel: This is the holy grail. I have had dry lips since I can remember and Vaseline or Carmex never did it. This material is very soft and is great for the front of the lipstick. I use it day and night, but I have to take a lip balm during the day because the bottle is a bit heavy and not ideal to take with me. This does not cure your dry lips, mine is still dry, but this has definitely improved the texture of my lips and I would recommend it to anyone.

Note: it has enough perfume, so if you are sensitive, you can avoid it.

Aesop Rosehip seed Lip cream: it would be a great lip balm on the go! I have heard that it is perfect for lipstick, because it is not super fat. However, you can opt for cheaper alternatives such as Nivea Butters. FAB and superfacialist for Una Brennan. If you cannot complete all the steps, I would say that you should use at least one make-up remover, a cleanser, a moisturizer and a lip balm.

Split the pot contains a first cleaning make-up remover in the form of solid oil and a soothing cream for a second cleaning. None of the products contain mineral oil or perfumes; It is designed to be functional and useful for most people, so it does not contain harmful or irritating ingredients.

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This of course makes it a less sensual experience than a perfumed fragrance, but as someone who has gone crazy with beautiful fragrance products that irritate the skin, this is welcome. First clean solid oil. That does not matter.

The oil immediately melts in your make-up and eliminates everything on the road. I can use a full face, including lipsticks for dual use, liquid lipstick and mascara, and it disappears within seconds. Without panda eyes, without foundation in my pillowcase, only clean fresh skin. A product has not touched him yet and I can always trust that he will take the day off without rubbing or scrubbing.

Second cleaning - cream. This feel on the skin. A real pleasure. Although it has no odor, it still feels like a luxury and I like to massage it on a slightly hydrated skin after cleaning the oil layer with a cloth or Molton.

It does not itch, it burns or clogs, leaving a nice soft skin that just waits for me to massage the serum. I also like it as a morning cleansing because it does not dry out the skin, so in the end you have a beautiful foundation for make-up and a reduction in the amount of fat during the day.

First the proportions of each product. My second problem is the design of the pot. I cannot deny that it looks good and feels good. The hot tub is a nice design and the pot itself is heavy and luxurious (it is plastic, but still feels like a quality product where you have spent some money).

However, placing the extra cover for the lid is a kind of problem, and if you lose that element of the package, the cream will go anywhere you take it. I continue to observe how much I like it as a product, and so the packaging can be less voluminous.

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It is a pretty big and heavy pot. Excellent for swimming, not ideal to reduce baggage volume! It is still better than two large pots, but there is a large amount of superfluous heavy plastic that can be removed. But I do it and I know. So would I generally recommend and buy this?