Sunday, December 30, 2018

Suzanne Somers Skin Care Line Product Reviews

Suzanne Somers skin care ~ They work, smell well and are good for my skin. Now I want to tell you how you can buy products for Suzanne Somers skin and save a lot! They are expensive! Over the years I have developed a system that allows you to buy your products in a way that makes them more affordable. I will share it here.

However, if you register on your mailing list and continue from there, this is not an affiliate sale. I love these things, I just want to share what works so well for me. 1 must register on your mailing list. This is the most important, because good deals are discovered in this way.

She offers, special sales every week or two. Every month or two you have sales all over the site. I look at the sales on the entire website, where everything has a discount of 25% or 30%. As much as I like the skin products from Suzanne Somer, I sometimes buy something else on their website, such as make-up or supplements. 2 is my favorite tip.

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It offers you the possibility to purchase gift vouchers at least once a year. For each gift voucher you buy, enter one for the same amount. With my gift vouchers and a discount I can buy the products that I use. 100 or more you get free shipping. 3 your subscription boxes!

This is a new function. The second were products that I had never tasted before, and I loved them. Everything was real size and beyond incredible.

If you already use and love the skin products from Suzanne, these boxes are a must. 4 Buy products in kits. Sometimes a set contains different products that I need and generally costs less than buying separately. The 4-part set is an excellent entry.

All facial cleansers (except the carbon scrubber). My new favorite is coconut oil. I got it in one of their discount boxes and I fell in love. When I bought more and saw the price, I practically fell off my chair! However, I had a gift voucher and bought it with a good discount.

Soothing Toner: Powder after cleansing, helps to absorb the skin, serum and moisturizer. Each of your serums. They follow the toner. I use more of the eternal serum and the liquid oxygen. The Advanced Complexion Serum is also great. Every moisturizer. I like them all

Eyebrow Pencil: currently not available, but I have one left.

Peach Exfoliating Cleanser: I use it about once a week. Activated carbon mask. I turn it on and read for half an hour. When I rinse it, my skin feels smoother and softer.

It is amazing that I had this stuff in a drawer for about a year before I tried. It is different from all masks that you have tried.

Vanilla Orange Lip Balm: The only one I use and accumulate. Who is not a favorite product yet? I wear a tube everywhere: my bag, my desk, my kitchen sink, my make-up bag, my travel bag, my computer bag next to the bed. You understand, I never want to be without me!

They last forever. I love these! I still love these skin care products! If I had to, I would pay the full price, but that is not necessary. Get one of the basic care, set for the skin and try it out!

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