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Iope Korean Skin Care Changing The Face Of Makeup

IOPE Change the make-up face

Iope korean skin care. The leading cosmetic brand of Amore Pacific, IOPE, has continued to strive for intensive conditioning with Bio Essence. 9 million in the first month. After a series of tests and errors, IOPE developed the basis for liquid sunscreen that does not flow, but softly soaks the skin without leaving make-up.

In addition, he developed the so-called "Cell Capture Technology" for the specialized ultra-fine dispersion, which was awarded the Prize for Excellence at the Korea Technology Awards last year. After the great success of the IOPE air cushion, all Amore Pacific brands, including Sulwhasoo, Hera and Verite, have launched basic products that combine air cushion technology.

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The Air Mattress Pact has become a popular pact in Korea, where almost all women have one in their make-up bag. IOPE Air Cushion XP sold 8.7 million units in the first half of the year. IOPE brand manager Song Jin-ah talked about the development of innovative bubble products and the goals of Amore Pacific to reach overseas markets.

How did Amore Pacific and IOPE create a new cosmetic paradigm with air-cushion technology?

Sunscreen to protect the skin against UV rays every two to three hours, in addition to make-up is identified as problematic for many customers. We are working with Amore Pacific's makeup research team to solve this problem.

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Meanwhile, a parking stamp has attracted our attention. We were convinced that the beauty procedures for most women working together to use sunscreen and make-up products would change significantly if we were to implement the methods and techniques for sealing cosmetics.

How can IOPE distinguish the air bag from existing methods?

On the basis of our market research, we found the disadvantages of existing sunscreens, which were mainly liquids and lotions. Moreover, these types of water are in oil, so they would no longer be washed with water or sweat, but would be heavy and sticky on the skin.

Oil-in-water products, on the other hand, are much lighter, but have a lower durability and both were uncomfortable for customers who had to wash their hands with each use of the products. To make a sunscreen product that can be used naturally for the composition of the primer, and to solve the problem, we used a special container. At the same time, freshwater sunblinds have been created in the oil for durability and portability.

Finally, we have developed a multifunctional product for solar cosmetics with the development of a lined container that can contain the ruby-red leaves and whose water retention capacity is 1.6 times greater than that of a synthetic latex sheet.

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The development of the new product type was made possible by an innovative and patented technology, an accurate prediction of the hidden question and the analysis of the culture of beauty and the makeup habits of the customers. It is expensive and slow to introduce a new product or paradigm.

IOPE's air cushion, would be successful without advertising, but through word-of-mouth advertising and marketing experience, such as operating a customer panel. How did that work? It was indeed difficult to force customers to recognize the excellence of a completely new product.

However, we thought strongly that once people would use the product, they would see their strengths. That is why we have emphasized the increase in the experience percentage instead of television advertising. We have decided to show the effectiveness and use of the product directly via shopping channels at home on television and in large discount stores and cosmetics stores.

What are some obstacles to entering the foreign market for the IOPE air mattress and how could it be overcome? What would the successful marketing abroad be in Japan, China and the United States?

In Japan, IOPE Air Cushion was launched at home last June via a TV retail channel. In comparison with television advertising, they have more time to explain and introduce the products, and they are extremely popular with Japanese customers.

Sales of IOPE Air Cushion increased by 200 percent in the first half of 2013 compared to the second half of 2012 in Japan. It attracts the attention of Japanese women as an unprecedented innovative product that transforms their make-up culture and has a positive influence on the IOPE brand.

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In addition, Amore Pacific mattress products have entered the Chinese and American markets. In South Asia. The soothing cushion products from Laneige Snow BB are sold in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The bleaching products are sold out every day.