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What Is Aha Skin Care Before You Choose An AHA Cleanser?

Before you choose an AHA cleaner

However, avoid AHA cleansers, which aim to increase the production of collagen, because the acids achieve anti-aging effect by peeling and not collagen growth. If you grow collagen or want to "fill" wrinkles, a retinoid, vitamin C or hyaluronic acid cream may be the better choice.

The first two constituents produce collagen, hyaluronic acid while allowing the air to escape a significant amount of moisture to fill the skin and remove wrinkles. Most AHA cleaning products contain acids derived from natural sources such as sour milk, molasses, honey, yogurt, and many contain citric acid from different fruits.

If you have sensitive skin, look for an AHA cleaner with a low citric acid content, as this may further irritate your skin. Many companies now produce alpha hydroxy acids in their laboratories and claim that they are just as effective natural acids.

Even if you choose an AHA cleaner with a low concentration of citric acid or glycolic acid, be aware that most detergents and cleansers with alpha-hydroxy acid have the ability to cause itching, redness, itching and irritation.

what is an aha skin care ingredient

Many people forget that although these acids are weak, they can cause damage and their concentration in creams can increase artificially. If you notice skin irritation with your AHA cleaner, temporarily discontinue use and discuss your concerns with a dermatologist or skin care specialist.

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AHAs are an excellent chemical peel for people with dry and sensitive skin as it can help to smooth the dead skin to possible slippery, without manual polishing (which is also the underlying new damage to the skin).

AHAs also have moisturizing properties, which means that they retain the moisture in the skin. In addition to daily cleansing of the skin, the use of AHA over time helps to thicken the epidermis and increase the production of collagen. All this is great for repairing damaged skin through photography and protecting it from future damage. By UV rays.

Extra collagen means fuller, firmer skin. So with regard to anti-aging, it concerns two birds with one stone. The warning is that AHA causes light sensitivity. They should therefore only be used at night and you should always use a wide range of sunscreen during the day (which I have already done, right?).

The most common AHAs are glycolic acid, lactic acid and mandelic acid. If you start taking your skincare routine seriously, you have probably seen the abbreviations "AHA" and "BHA" regularly.

What are these two ingredients, what do they do and what is best for your skin type?

Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA) and beta-hydroxy acids (BHA) are both exfoliating agents. If you "Learn how to care for your skin in an excellent way", you already know that exfoliation is an important step in your skin care.

The removal of dead skin cells helps stimulate cell renewal, improve the appearance of the skin and improve the effectiveness of your other products. The scrubs fall into two different categories.

There are manual peels that are characterized by a sandy texture and generally contain sugar, broken apricot kernels or microbeads. Manual scrubs literally work by cleaning the dead skin cells. This looks like you're cleaning your skin.

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So are lotion cleaners. The richer the lotion, the worse it is. Instead, choose a liquid soap or a beautiful face wash, which needs to be cleaned, "says Haddad.When the AHA product is not sufficiently moistened, Haddad recommends selecting a gentle moisturizer without many" goodies. "Too much stimulation can be for the skin are harmful.

The exfoliation of AHA reaches a maximum of eight to twelve weeks. After eight to twelve weeks, many people complain that they see no further improvement in their skin. This delay can be caused by a decrease in cell detachment after several weeks of use, according to Smith, who believes that the skin simply "adjust" to the AHA treatment.

On the other hand, salicylic acid, often referred to as AHA different type of acid, that works by dissolving the cell itself, not the glue that contains the cells and is dissolved by the AHA. Smith discovered that this cell lysis activity is highly compatible with the AHA and the peeling is continued after the eight-week period, observed only in the AHA, continues well.

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However, do not start treatment with AHA after the eighth week. Smith believes that long-term treatment with these low pH formulations will ultimately reduce the pH of living skin layers when transforming growth factor-B enzymes is bread. At a pH of 5 or less, this enzyme is activated deep into the skin. This can ultimately lead to the cells recovering the renewal evaluators.

However, Smith did not investigate the long-term use of AHA to be sure what the end effect will be. And no more dermatologists! Thank you for publishing your story here. I thought it was me! I also started Bare Minerals a few weeks ago and started cystic acne.

I am very happy to hear that my story has helped! It was so personal and had some painful memories that I almost did not have the guts to write it down. I am very relieved to read your story. Until about a month ago it looked very good when I started using some samples of Bare Minerals, which I got for free.

I developed a completely clear, smooth and even skin and developed a terrible cystic acne (I currently have 7-8 cysts in the face) on the forehead and chin. This is very shameful, especially since I have just started a new job and have used more and more Bare Minerals. Now I start to understand that Bare Minerals can cause it!

THANK YOU for sharing your story - I'm now killing the rest of my Bare Minerals! I just want my skin back! I discovered that Walgreens Alpha Hydroxy Acid Cream, mixed with a few drops of JASON Tea Tree Oil every night, really contributed to my 'road to recovery'.

The tea tree oil is removed and stains are avoided, and the AHA keeps your skin in rotation. 16 and last 2-3 months. I am 22 and I am very tired of my acne and I will do everything to get her away. I buy a new foundation, but I can not stop throwing my 30 million bareminerals. I do not know.

I only know that my cystic acne stopped when I stopped. I know that many people have responded to mica. I'm sure it was also the mica.

Was the mica a problem?

Before purchasing an AHA cleaner, read the label thoroughly, including the concentration of AHA in the vacuum cleaner (this is especially important if you have sensitive skin) and the listed types of additional ingredients.

It is not only important to understand what is in the product you have selected, but what you can and can not do for your skin and read the AHA Cleanser reviews before you buy. The acids in an AHA cleaner have different skin-caring properties.

For example, they can accelerate the life cycle of cells by helping your body to naturally remove skin cells so that new cells can grow. This facial playfulness of an AHA cleaner can help you achieve a healthy skin that looks younger and firmer. Alpha-hydroxy acids can also help against the accumulation of sebum to prevent pimples and eliminate acne.

Do you wonder how you can classify acids in your skin care measures?

You are in the right place. The world of skincare can be divided into two different types of people: those who are obsessed with exfoliation and those who do not. Fun aside, exfoliation is such an important part of your routine because it helps clean the pores, prevent acne and keep the skin soft.

Exfoliation comes in two different types: physical or chemical. Body scrubs can also be considered manual because they use ingredients such as sugar to remove dead skin cells from the skin surface. Chemical peels are a bit more complicated, so we focus on how they work and how they are applied in layers for effective results.

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We will also answer two of your most frequently asked questions: can you routinely use AHA and BHA? And your vitamin C? What are chemical acids / peelers? You can be intimidating because applying acid to your face is not really good, but they are not as scary as you think.