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Reviews And Ingredients Of Lancome Vs Estee Lauder Skin Care

Basics of total coverage comparisons, comments and ingredients

Otherwise, it is a very pure, the basis for my taste. Without primer it also sank in my pores. The Sensual Skin Fluid Foundation or Kevyn Aucoin is a luxurious, lightweight serum base, which gives a large and brilliant cover with a make-up feeling.

Buildable and durable, smooth for shiny skin that lasts all day. Prolonged release pigments make them covered for hours from 6 to 8 with a shine without oil. With added strong algae extracts the loss of firmness and elasticity stop so that it treats the skin when they wear out.

The basis of the Stila Stay All Day was matted, creamy and with a bit more range. He remained colorfast, nicely combined and did not sink into the pores. Stila Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer is an oil-free, powerful and powerful base. It has a unique oxygen technology that hydrates and nourishes the skin.

The basis of Stila remains the whole day and offers an impeccable conclusion. It is difficult to see the difference, but I have achieved two layers of KA base with the same coverage that Stila has given in one layer.

lancome versus estee lauder skincare

Summary: The AMC Cream Foundation LC100 was very silky, can be built and although it was a bit dark for my skin at the moment, the skin care in about a month is probably perfect. The color was extremely natural and flattered differently. It is a bit cleaner than I would like, but it feels good on the skin.

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Let the truth shine with the Inglot AMC Cream Foundation. 25 with shades ranging from light brown to dark, dark skin color, this base provides a subtle, easy-to-build cover that hides ugly stains and scars and provides a natural, dewy finish.

Another blend of vitamin E, peptides and special polyesters ensures that your cream is moistened and lightened. It can be used in an airbrush machine. Department stores for skin care of department stores. Let me tell you that I love many department store products. I love Estee Lauder, Clinique, Lancome (one of my favorites) and I even like the Mary Kay eyeshadow.

Okay, I'm an addicted to makeup. Skin care has always been one of my passions, cosmetics in general has always been something that I want to play and enjoy. When I got older and learned more about skincare, I realized that those in department stores might not be as good as I thought.

They come in a nice package and attract a wide audience through the fashion magazines, but they miss something very important: the CHANGE. Most products feel as if they are just on my skin and never absorb. More importantly, the appearance of my skin has never changed.

Even after a few weeks of using skin-specific skin care, there are no changes. When I devastated the goods of my department store years ago and began using professional products, I immediately noticed a change in my skin.

It looks flawless and natural. It stops by heat, moisture, and activity without stopping. It does not change color, does not discolor or remove clothing. It feels light and pleasant. A watertight formula that can be used as a base or corrector and used 24 hours without precedent.

Neither rain nor tears can move this impenetrable product into an oil that repels moisture from the surface of the face. The formula fits perfectly with the skin, with a medium to full weightless coating and a natural satin finish.

MAC Pro Longwear NW20 (left) was a bit darker than that. Lauder Double Wear Liquid 1C1 Cool Bone (right). First powder to repair. Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Fluid Foundation Summary: The KA Sensual Foundation felt incredible, very silky and a bit slippery. So if that is not your thing, just skip it.

If I leave it and apply a very thin layer of fixation powder before applying a new layer, I would be able to build the cover. The YSM Cream Foundation 39YSM was thicker and required much less effort to achieve coverage. He was a bit yellower than the LC100 when he sat on my skin for a few minutes. It is very good and looks very even and smooth.

A solid and light base with matting agents. It gives a matte finish that looks natural and soft, while the skin looks radiant and pleasantly close. Lancome Teint Idole Liquid 140 Invoire (N) Vs. The photo of the previous post I add here for reference only. Only base: Lancome left and L'Oreal equal.

Summary: Although this is a liquid (and I use it purely below), it can be built with a very complete coverage. I have no concealer underneath, I only use one or two extra drops of bases to make my circles lighter.

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It goes well with all clear powder, although it is specifically sold for use with Dermacolor Camouflage Fluid. Actually, I do not worry too much about the dust that turns white, although I can be pampered by Laura Mercier's hardened fabric.

The equations side by side are referred to as "right" and "left", as shown in the image, not on the actual side of my face are also fantastic offers. All of the above are permanent additions to my kit. Price of the product per ounce in the order of costs.

Note: not all bottles are available in 1 oz. These prices have been converted pro rata to 1 oz. Bold selections are my favorite products in the group. Dermablend Cover Cream Total Cover Base Chroma 1/2 Vs. Conclusion: Dermablend Cover Cream was dry and faster fixed, but wrinkled even before applying Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer on the other half of the face.

Dermablend also quickly penetrated my pores, even with a primer underneath. Dermablend did not resist, even in less than half an hour he had it up. It has already faded and became "irregular".

The page of Kevyn Aucoin looked better and better. The best overall creams. Dermablend Chroma 1/2 (right). Set with Dermablend powder. Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer SX05 - with lipstick and mascara, but without fixative powder.

The photo does not do justice because the light was pretty blue for me and the light behind me was very yellow. I was impressed by how smooth it seemed to be able to pull almost effortlessly and without dust.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Fluid 1C1 Cool Bone Vs. Conclusion: They were just as comfortable and they were okay with each other. The Lauder is a color that is a bit better for me now that it is winter. In about a month, I will probably switch to MAC Pro Longwear.

Since Lauder owns the MAC, I would not be surprised that they work in a similar way. With one price per ounce they have the same price, so choose the brand that has the best color for you. Long-lasting make-up with a durability of 15 hours.

Whether it is a new scar or vitiligo from a volleyball player, the protective cream offers complete, impeccable and reliable camouflage in a soft and velvety finish. The sensual skin enhancer Kevyn Aucoin felt better, became more even and looked better over time.

A warning: it is very easy to make dust and look crazy in the end. I had to mix the powder that I had applied because it was too much. It took me very little to start SSE. I make myself softer and lighter.

Apparently the wording really fits my skin! A water-resistant make-up enhancer for the face that provides complete and clean coverage and hydrates the skin. Treat all your basics with The Sensual Skin Enhancer. This water-resistant all-in-one formula offers full coverage when used as concealer, highlighter, full base or contour.

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Moisturizing with jojoba and honey infused with minerals that support the skin, it is resistant to sweat and perspiration for full coverage and long-term use. Basics of general coverage: Dermablend Cover Cream in Chroma 1/2 (left) vs. Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer SX05 (left) vs.