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For Botnia Skin Care Products Ourselves Reviews

For Botnia good skin care is the result of spending time on earth

In Botnia plants are brought to life. At this moment we have a micro farm in which we grow all plants. All products are manufactured in our laboratory on site. It feels like Botnia to me, if that makes sense.

Can you imagine Botnia as a spa brand?

Absolute the vision for Botnia is a clean version of Aveda. My general vision is to be the first choice for beauticians in the treatment room offering organic facial treatments.

How much did cost to develop the line?

It is difficult to say how much it costs because we have combined everything from Skin Remedy. 30,000 for start-up costs.

What challenges did you face when making the products?

compare of Botnia Skin Care

He was very focused on addressing all types of skin he saw. I like to support companies that are proud of their products and use ingredients that God has given us to heal our bodies instead of man-made chemicals.

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Very happy to have a good store here! I had my first store / good experience in June, but January has been my laundry for years. She has an excellent attention to detail and I fully trust her judgment!

She knows exactly how to shape my eyebrows to fill my face without even having to say anything. I used to go to the European washing center, but I have to say that the products that Shop / Good uses (wax, serum, etc.) are much higher. I cannot wait to use some of the additional services from this store. I highly recommend this place and January!

Look at it, you will not regret it. Everything in this place, from the place for the aesthetics of the people and then the treatment was successful. This small wellness center is only a few steps from the main street of the North Park and only a short walk away.

From these botanical ingredients, facial treatments are created from beginning to end. It was really an aha moment when we started these treatments. We got customers with very severe acne and could cure their acne with nutritious botanical ingredients. It was incredibly incredible.

Are you always planning to distribute your backup bar solutions on a larger scale?

It was always the intention to launch the Skin Remedy bars for other beauticians, but it was only about one and a half years ago that the products were finally perfect. I did not want to hurry.

We have searched for concrete results in the treatment room. I worked with my very good friend Clayton Coker, a plant biologist who was at Stanford at that time. It was very important for the formulations. He would come and we would like to visit online libraries to learn more about plant compounds in research articles on the use of plant products in the most effective way.

The most important work that Clayton and I did was our conservation system. If you have recently taken a walk through the center of St. Cloud, you will find many new and existing companies waiting for you. Our main activity this month is The Studio on Pennsylvania Avenue, a spa for aesthetics and wellness and a yoga studio.

The studio, founded by Laura Ter Beek, formerly "She Is", opened its doors in July 2016 in the center of St. Cloud. Laura's goal was to take her lashes to a new level by leaving the salon environment to receive her clients in a quiet and peaceful environment.

With the growth of Laura's business and the growth of her team of recognized professionals, it was time to expand. On April 2017, Laura signed a new lease agreement just a block from her previous location. After the contract was signed, Laura and her team immediately went to work and completely transformed their new location into a relaxed and inviting environment.

And I felt like a radiant angel! My place for products that I do not have to think about twice. I love the store and the team. What a great asset to the neighborhood. I also had one of the best facials I have received here.

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I recommend a visit to learn more about the products that are good for you, inside and out! Wow, this store is so great! I think it's great that they did the research for us and only have lines that are healthy for our skin and health. I am sure I am buying something in this store.

I have discovered two new lines that I love: OSEA, based on algae, and Botnia, which has a botanical base. I have also discovered Alima Pure Makeup here and it is the BEST Mineral make-up that I have used. It is so light and does not dry, it is as if you are not wearing anything and your skin is so soft (Sayonara Jane Iredale).

Enter here, and whoever works will help you with a personal skin care or a combination of make-up. "It means you can live the life of your dreams, go out with your friends and enjoy a few bottles of wine while making your health, your health and your body a priority," she says. This realistic approach to holistic well-being, developed during his own healing journey through chronic diseases, led Kirpalani to Good Life.

It started in 2015 as an eCommerce site and blog and received a loyal fan base: actually more than 14,000 on Instagram. Kirpalani suffered from hair loss, weight gain and acne cystic acne for most of his 20 years when he worked as a dealer for Gap in San Francisco.

When the doctors shrugged their shoulders and asked them to limit the simple things that made them happy (for example, wine bottles with friends), she tried an extensive wellness path with non-toxic products and natural supplements to cure her body. We also like to send samples to get our products to experience Botnia and get excited about the brand.

What about your social media strategy?

Instagram is absolutely the party. We aren’t paid advertising on Instagram. Everything is organic. All reports that Botnia ask are 100% Instagram, which is quite surprising.

This allows people to communicate directly with your brand. It is certainly something that we do seven days a week. This requires a lot of planning and effort and is an integral part of my work. We have a marketing calendar and we plan every month what we try to communicate with customers. In photographs we try to tell the whole story.

Some brands only tell the story of the product, but we have many opportunities to talk about our farming methods to give a face to the reports we have adopted. I try to keep it interesting, so that everyone who finds our Instagram is very excited to learn everything about our brand.

What is your long-term goal for Botnia?

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I want people to see the name Botnia and connect it to the quality we offer. At the core of our company, we build strong relationships with professionals who offer great services. In the course of time, I hope that we have become the gold standard for treatment in this community.