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Product Rating: Shea Moisture Skin Care Reviews

Product rating: Beard Care Shea Moisture

Disclosure: products for reviews are provided courtesy of Shea Moisture. What was once a style attributed to the fathers is now one of the basic elements of masculinity, even for young people. And they are not just hipsters.

To help men care for their beards, Shea Moisture has developed a complete range of care products for all needs:

- Thoroughly cleanses the beard of dirt, dandruff and odors without drying hair and skin.

- Conditioning and softens thick and thick facial hair and provides good lubrication to lighten buttons without pulling.

best Shea Moisture Skin Care Reviews

- Absorbs quickly to soften and condition the beards and at the same time restore the moisture from the dry skin of the face.

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- Forms, softens and defines facial hair for a neat beard all day long. I have long been a fan of the Shea Moisture line for men.

And in a broader sense the brand, because it helps women to buy product components through community trade. It is a call to the roots of the brand when grandmother Sofi Tucker sold Shea nuts in Bonthe, Sierra Leone.

Their shaving products are especially good and you can read my previous comments here and here. I was very happy with the new Shea Moisture skin caring line, but the reality is that I often do not wear a beard. What I like the most about the products is the smell.

The beard is well lathered, so you do not have to consume much, which means it has to take a while. The beard reminder is great after showering. It makes combing my beard easier and helps to make it look cleaner. I can imagine that it is even more useful if you have a fuller beard. I did not find it necessary to use the balm and the conditioner oil at the same time. In turn I used every product and I prefer oil.

The balm is a bit too hard and it takes a while before you can soften your hands. Overall, I would definitely recommend this product line. There you are! Shea Moisture must be one of my favorite brands for personal care.

The variety of products available is good, unbelievable. There is something for everyone. Every brand has problems, but with the acquisition of Essence by its founder, Richelieu Dennis, it is clear that Shea Moisture (and its parent companies) show a strong commitment to color communities, and in particular black women.

They also produce skin care products and products for children and babies. In addition, they have many different lines for every hair / skin care that anyone can have, including a line for curly hair, dry hair, dyed / damaged hair, dandruff and other skin conditions, and many others.

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So there is always something new to try! And if one line does not work for you, another can do the job. What is interesting about this line is that it is part of the Made to Matter collection from Target, which means that 10% of the sales of these products are destined for charity: in this case woman-led companies.

This whole line also smells SO GOOD, at least in my opinion. One of the ingredients is African rock figs (do not ask me how different it is for a different fig), and this line has a nice fig flavor that I love. I also noticed that the smell of these products stays in my hair after use, which I really like, but maybe it is not for everyone. Make sure you like the taste before you buy it!

Positive aspects: it is very moisturizing.

Negative aspects: almost too moisturizing. This conditioner was a bit too heavy for my hair. I used it a few times, both to rinse and to rinse, and it has never helped me much. It left my hair a little loose and lifeless. I think this conditioner is much thicker and drier for her than mine; While my hair is dry, it is not very dry and it is not very thick. So, although it does not work that well, I can see that it works well for someone with her other than mine.

Positive aspects: I like this shampoo! It was the first shampoo I tried after No-Poo, and I have not tried any other shampoo because I love it so much. It is SUPER moisturizing; I often feel that I do not even have to condition, because my hair is so soft and easy to disentangle as I wash it (although I always condition it). I do a long way because it foams, this is usually a curly girl no-no, but it is sulfate-free, so I feel good. And foam helps to use less product, because I only need a little bit to have everything on my scalp. This shampoo also helped me with a dry and flaky scalp, which was an unexpected benefit.


I do not care if it is ten dollars; I use so little at the same time, and only once or twice a week, that it does not cause much damage. Okay, I know this is a review of hair care products, but I said I could give some care tips, and I had that bath gel, so I added it to the mix.

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Positive aspects: I also love this body wash. It makes my skin so soft and I love the aroma. It does not cost much to make a good foam, and I use it for shaving, which makes me shave very thoroughly and my skin looks soft and supple. This rule is probably my favorite. It smells so good: it has a slightly floral aroma of coconut.