Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Shiseido Develops Fully Personalized Skin Care System Reviews

Shiseido enters the IoT empire. To provide customers with customized skin care that automatically adjusts to their specific conditions, the Japanese cosmetics company will start a beta test with a new system this spring.

The skin care system called Optune uses a specially designed device and a special smartphone application to adapt the products to the specific needs of skin care. Customers take a picture of their skin with their mobile phones and the application analyzes the condition of the skin at that moment. It also takes into account the temperature, humidity, mood and menstrual cycle.

The data is then sent via the cloud to the machine with the name Optune Zero. The machine uses unique algorithms to analyze the application data and to determine the best combination of serum and moisturizer with more than 1,000 available cartridges. The serum and moisturizer are delivered directly from the machine.

personalized skin care system uk

Amway is known around the world as a health and beauty company. The focus in India is no different, we want to be known as the best health and beauty company in India. Together, these two products represent more than 60% of Amway's activities.

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That is why our strategy is to offer a wide range of health and beauty products. We are in the middle of an ambitious plan to launch one product per month, in which an interesting assortment of products is put together. Amway's recent push in the premium skin care segment (with the introduction of Attitude) and the men's cares segment (with the introduction of Dynamite) has given us an extra dimension.

In essence, our strategy is a two-way strategy. On the one hand, we want to improve the penetration of Amway's business opportunities and their acceptance in the social field. On the other hand, we plan to introduce more products and cover more cities and cities through our home delivery network. What is your growth target for the year 2006-2007?

Which new products will be presented in the near future? 

We hope to close 2006 against Rs 700 crores, which means double digit growth. The two-way strategy, we have just outlined will help us achieve this desired goal. Most products in the current version are in the categories health and beauty with a weight management program: Positrim, the most anticipated products. Our interventions in the care of men as well as the supply of high-quality cosmetics are the main products of our arsenal. FMCG companies such as Procter & Gamble and Hindustan Lever Limited have large bases in India.

How difficult was it for Amway to get a foothold in the Indian market in the presence of these companies?

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Looking at the growth of the direct selling industry, he has an idea of growth, which, as mentioned above, now stands at 2700 million rupees. However, it was not an easy walk because the route led us through the canals and peaks.

We had to adapt and adapt the approach to adapt it to the Indian mentality. We had to introduce packages with products of economic size: bringing a range of cosmetics that are unique in India: opening more offices and collection centers, so that the Indian customer can touch and touch the products.

This list continues. In terms of potential as an industry, more and more consumer goods companies seem to support direct sales. The revolution has just begun in India and is an emerging phenomenon.

Even the established FMCG, Hindustan Lever Ltd, has gone into direct sales with the launch of the Hindustan Lever Network. Others can follow his example. As competition becomes more difficult, companies will seek personalized, specialized and targeted communication and will improve direct sales and offer more opportunities.

The future is very clear and encouraging. Direct sales are here to stay. It offers the consumer the benefits of comfort, personal attention, a good selection of unique products and the possibility to test products under the 100% satisfaction guarantee for a certain period. Because of the intrinsic impulses for entrepreneurship, direct sales stimulate independent entrepreneurship.

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The industry has made a unique contribution to transforming people from different layers of the population into successful entrepreneurs. Women who are traditionally limited to a life of serious domesticity have benefited the most. More than 70% of distributors selling, direct sales in India are women.