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Nardos Skin Care Shark Tank Products Reviews

Nardos A / S develops and produces a variety of personal care products: shampoos, creams, lotions and ointments and ointments and gels for muscle pain, damaged skin, acne and many other diseases.

The products are manufactured for a large number of Danish and foreign companies and are sold under the Nardos label or a trademark. Calendula balm is one of our most popular products. To ensure the beneficial effects of Calendula on a wide range of skin problems, we use an oil extract and a water-soluble extract.

Calendula balm soothes the dry, rough and irritated skin. Even some patients with psoriasis achieve good results. Our Aloe Vera series contains five products. We always use a biological aloe Vera that meets the requirements of the International Scientific Council for Aloe Vera. Nardos only uses pure, undiluted juice, which represents a very high percentage of the total product.

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In addition to pharmaceutical skin care products for people, Nardos also produces care products for pets and pets, as well as various types of supplementary dietary foods for dairy cattle. Our animal care product lines include many udder and skin care products, such as natural disinfectants, wound gel, gel is scanning and many other new products. Since we developed our original NPJ® spread for intensive udder and joint care in 1980, the product is the market leader in Europe.

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The spread is based on pure, natural ingredients and contains peppermint oil, which improves blood circulation. Over the years, the ointment Nardosan ointment has been used not only for the original purpose, namely the natural care of the udder, but for many other purposes where the effect is disinfectant and emollient ointment, it is beneficial. It is used as an ointment for diaper rash, a thick cream hand by artisans and also as a lubricant in relation to the discharge tube and grease saddle for cyclists.

Nardos continuously produces various types of nutritional supplements for dairy cattle and is registered with the Danish management under reference number 208-R862033. The food supplement is manufactured for one of the largest Danish veterinary companies.

Information about health and nutrition provided, and the younger brother KJ, 24, with experience in accounting, he contributed his financial expertise while he was able to provide full-time business work equipment for the first company.

The brothers started making completely natural and organic formulas in their kitchen. They made all products by hand and also carried out labeling, packaging and shipping. 30,000, online sales and local spa sales.

Most of the time and the money of the brothers spent on producing formulations without parabens and toxins, which were a healthier alternative to the daily care of the skin. They offer a variety of skin care products, such as facial and body moisturizers, skin and body, lip balm, a pain relief cream and even a bio-insect repellent.

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On April 2011, a friend sent the brothers a link to an episode of Shark Tank. Despite their hard work, there was not much money and they realized that it would be an incredible opportunity to be on the show. That same night, Kyle sent an e-mail to Shark Tank.

Nardo's Natural reached the first round and in the following months the brothers, along with tens of thousands of other emerging Shark tanks, underwent an intense selection process. Every time they went through a new round, they had to make a video, conduct surveys, perform background checks and provide detailed information.

Finally a shark tank producer called in June 2011 and a month later the brothers went to Los Angeles to record a segment. The recording process is similar to other reality shows.

Many business people were admitted, but not everyone came to the television program. The actual negotiations with the Nardos Natural Panel and Shark Tank took much longer, but the segment was closed. During the television program, a video series of the brothers and their birthplace was recorded, including a spa beautician who used their products and the brothers, shirtless, on the beach.

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"But there were some really critical things that viewers did not see," says Danny. Especially the reaction of the sharks to the natural products of Nardos.