Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Beauty Grabs Korean Skin Care NYC (New York City)

Beauty grabs in New York

Have you ever heard of K-Pop? The Korean beauty, called K-beauty, is officially the mainstream of the Big Apple. Korean cosmetic brands are not only known in exclusive department stores such as Bergdorf Goodman and Bloomingdale's, but also in many Sephora stores in Manhattan and Queens in smaller cosmetic stores.

K-beauty was introduced in New York more than a decade ago. AmorePacific, one of the largest Korean cosmetic companies, was the pioneer in bringing Korean beauty products to the United States. At Bergdorf Goodman he opened a company in 2005 in Neiman Marcus. Nordstrom was added in 2013 and Bloomingdale last year.

korean skin care products nyc

Nowadays, more than a decade later, AmorePacific products are strong competitors of the world-famous brands in the luxury cosmetics market. 500, but it is one of the best selling items in Bergdorf Goodman. "In the past, French skin care products were considered the best quality, and from the Asian brands only Japanese products could become a luxury brand in the US.

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However, there were more repeat customers who were willing to pay at least a few hundred dollars to buy a Korean product because they knew their unique value and quality. "Who is coming in here?

The cheaper skin care products from Korea are becoming increasingly popular because they offer high quality and affordability. The increased interest in K-pop and K-dramas in recent years was also decisive for the turnover.

Fans of pop and Korean drama are always looking for products that Korean celebrities use or promote. There are nearly ten Korean mid to low-priced brands, such as The Face Shop, Tony Moly, Skinfood, Nature Republic and Clio, which operate their own stores in New York and New Jersey. In New York there were only five brands of this type five years ago. 10-30 and they are made from organic ingredients.

Skinfood skin care products are made from real fruits and vegetables and other foods such as blueberries, apples, avocados, honey and even caviar. Meanwhile, the largest retailers use high-quality, affordable Korean beauty products.

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Sephora created last year a series of K Beauty products in stores and on the internet, with different products for skin care and make-up, from BB cream to lip balm to a great success Chosungah22, which was presented last April in 133 stores, including Sephora's affiliates in New York, has caused great commotion.

100 million sales in just three months in the Sephora stores and online. Macy's in Vlissingen, Queens, opened a store last November for the Korean beauty shop Peach & Lily, first for Macy's and Peach & Lily. It is unusual for an online salesperson to expand to a physical location.

At Macy's, Peach & Lily sell nearly a hundred skin care products from 10 to 15 different brands that were previously unavailable in the US. Such as Tosowoong and Lady & Skin. "A beautician introduced me to Macy's marketing staff, who wanted to bring exclusive K-Beauty products that had never been presented in the US, and I only said yes to five percent of all the products we tried.

This means that the quality of our products is guaranteed, "said Alicia Yoon, founder and CEO of Peach & Lily," Yes, this is a K-beauty. "I want the conversation to focus more on brand identity.

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At least, I want people to believe that Korean beauty means great phrasing. So Young Kim is a reporter for the Korea Times, New York Community and Ethnic Media and was funded by a sponsorship from News Corp.