Sunday, October 14, 2018

Nutrients Ingredients Of Intelligent Skin Care Cosmetics Reviews

Intelligent skin care cosmetics. I have the glycol gel and the oil of oil; They are fantastic and my skin has never looked better. Glycolgel is the strongest gel I have used in a good way. It peels at night and has a pleasant smell of citrus. I love something that makes me feel like I'm really doing something, and I've tried a lot of acids, but nothing like that.

Although I do not like facial oils, as someone with oily skin, I really enjoy their oil serum. It fills my skin and makes it really faultless. I have certainly discovered that the daily use of one or both of these products causes the acne scars to fade very quickly, leaving my skin soft and smooth. I am convinced that I will leave without make-up, which has never happened to me! I would also like to add that their packaging is great, I like a pump, for an oil (I hate those drippier that everyone else is talking about). It is certainly expensive, but I would certainly buy it back for that efficiency.

best Intelligent Skin Care Cosmetics

You get more products than "traditional" oils and serums (usually 30 ml), here I have 100 and 50 ml each, which keeps me going for a while. The eye gel helps to fill the skin around the eye. Wash the applicator before application.

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Do not let the price disturb you, it will take a long time! It is possible that some people have an allergic reaction because these products are full of many great botanical products, and sensitivity is only necessary if one of them causes a problem for a sensitive person. These are high quality products that are certainly worth a try, unless you know that you are allergic to one of the ingredients.

I love the moisturizer on this line, it is so light and fluid, but so strong that the 50 ml bottle lasts for months. I also like it when you try a bit (a good one) because it comes out of your mouth, that you do not feel bad, unlike many other brands that I might mention.

The smell is a kind of sharp thing, with cinnamon and nutmeg, which I used to get used to. It has made my skin feel so good, others have noticed that it makes your skin velvety soft, and that is exactly what it is. In fact, I have to stop stroking my face! I also liked that my skin, which had a tendency to lubricate, did not get worse, and she feels nice and moist, smoothes fine lines and brightens my face. I have used different products of this brand for several months.

If I had a different kind of skin, I would definitely buy it again. Overall, the products improved the condition and health of my skin, making it a wonderfully shiny, hydrated, soft and flexible skin. In summary, the results were exceptional.

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The quality is excellent, well thought out and produced, aesthetically elegant; It is a company that I can support consciously. The packaging is bulky and hard, but very hygienic. Unfortunately, most products are not suitable for skin that is sensitive to acne or sensitive to coconut products, because most of them are extremely clogged, but if you ever make products that are not based on coconut, I want to try the smart nutrients again. It removes a little bit of make-up, but not much, leaves traces behind, but leaves the skin feeling very moisturized and firm.

The moisturizer is full of coconut oil and I broke off with severe cystic acne that I had not noticed for months. The serum is good for occasional use, but it is very active, so it will be used for a long time in a row, it will cause some irritation on the surface. I do a gentle exfoliation about every two weeks and use the serum at night.

The bottle is a plastic pump that supplies a liquid with a dark yellow consistency. It was not that important to me. It is not frothy, but cleanses the skin pretty well. I'm not sure how the anti-aging component works, I really do not feel that the cleaner has.

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But after finishing the first bottle, I can say that my skin felt better and not so slim down, which is good. I would buy again, but the price of what it does is a bit high. I use the serum and moisturizer for about 6 weeks, and I added the anti-aging cleanser and the turbidity about a week ago.