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Best Edna Skin Care Reviews In West Hollywood, CA

The Best Edna Skin Care Reviews In West Hollywood, CA Reviews

Edna skin care reviews. I have visited this little piece of heaven this year and I am very impressed by the excellent customer service from Edna, the owner, beautician and extraordinary skin care specialist.

She is an expert in what she does. The time I spend with her every month changes me, forces me to relax, and her magical touch makes my skin feel completely new. His place is a small sanctuary, quiet and hidden.

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Everyone should give themselves this gift of the highest skin care. His suggestions were very useful and the combination of his exotic treatments with his cordial personality is an advantage for all customers. I cannot recommend it anymore. Not really.

If you spend the same amount and spend an hour with a vendor. I came across this facility in Groupon. I called to book an appointment that was extremely difficult because it had a very strong accent. I have a high pain tolerance and almost cry when I get these extractions.

She did not give me advice on skin care like most. The only thing that kept insisting was that I got a Microdermabrasion to which I said no. Ask me more than 5 times what he did not say.

I have never had a Microdermabrasion and did not know much about it. She kept putting that machine in my face that felt like a vacuum. I did not ask, I suspected she knew what I was doing.

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$ 400 pack of facials. They must come every 2 weeks. I have never had skin problems, I only get facials during the summer because of some black spots as a result of the warm weather.

I do not see why someone would do a facial extraction every two weeks. And that is not all! I told him millions of times that I did not want him.

She tried to mislead me like that. Super money hungry and terribly terrible facial treatment. I have not found a great face-handler for years and finally I found Edna, a real skin care expert in Europe. I came to Edna for my first facial treatment that I bought from Groupon.

I've heard that it can be painful and unpleasant, but Edna was nice when I asked her to do exactly where it was needed. I have seen serious and positive results with regard to acne and ingrown hairs / pimples on my face and neck.

She is the cutest woman in history and only recommends products that she really thinks she can help you. I recommend it to anyone who suffers from oily skin and / or is prone to acne.

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Edna is the friendliest woman and professional beautician I have ever been, and I have been with many of them. She loves her environment and makes sure she explains everything she does and how she can improve my skin.

I have been with her for years and have recommended her to most of my friends and colleagues. I usually get facials with her and the quality is surpassed by another beautician.

The products used on my skin are European and thanks to their treatment my skin is now free of acne and vibrates. Edna is the best! She is knowledgeable and charming.

Their facials are great and I see a positive result since I have their facial. She also has some wonderful products that really work.

It is worth every penny and I recommend it to anyone who wants beautiful skin. I bought a group on for three Microdermabrasions. I have dark spots and acne scars and after my first session I quickly noticed results. They were a bit lighter. I returned to my second session a few weeks later.

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She was very gentle, not at all painful during the extraction. Total facial treatment and micro took a little over an hour.