Friday, October 26, 2018

Pharmaceutical Vs. Cosmeceutical Skin Care Lines Products

The truth about skin care products! Pharmacist against Cosmeceutical

It is time for someone to repair the record! Everyone is so tired of spending money on countless skin care Lines products that do not work! With affirmations like: "Removes scars, closes the pores, prevents pimples and reduces wrinkles, etc." Blah, Blah, Blah... All of these costs and small results make people look hopeless and skeptical. It makes us feel that nothing will help us. It is safe to say that there is no wonder room that keeps you young forever.

The skin is something that we have to work on, just like our body to stay in shape! We also know that it is difficult to find skin care products that produce lasting or no results. In the skin care industry, we call product claims 'bells and whistles', which means 'the same product, new packaging'.

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Most products in department stores are made by one company: "Estee Lauder". They have almost all brands; MAC, Clinique, GlamGlow, La Mer, Origin, Aveda, Smashbox, Too Faced, Tom Ford Beauty, etc... and the list goes on!

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Companies such as Estee Lauder invest a lot of money in beautiful packaging instead of investing money in the development of technology and the formulation of products. They constantly change the packaging to give people the hope that the repackaged product is the best option.

In fact, they use the same formulas as before! The result is a vicious circle of false hope and promises! 5.00 in the supermarket. The company will explain that it has "green tea"; However, the bottle contains 1 drop of green tea and the rest is full of emulsion, thickeners, detergents and chemicals that are not good for the skin and do not produce RESULTS. This is why you should be aware of the ingredients that you use on your skin.

If you want to know if the ingredients are good for your skin, turn the bottle over, make a screenshot of the ingredients, go home and search Google for the words you see on this list and the side effects on the long list. Now that you have some more information about the "skin care industry", this is what you need to know! "Pharmaceutical Vs cosmeceutical" products.

Every skin care product purchased in a supermarket, salon / spa, department store is considered 'cosmetic', meaning it is a beauty product designed to improve your skin and NOT CORRECT.

To see a change in your skin, you must use a "pharmaceutical" product, which means "medical grade / medicine" that changes the composition of your skin at the cellular level. The law requires these products to be sold in a doctor's office or medical spa with a doctor, because these products have been approved by the FDA to treat their skin.

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With these "pharmaceutical" products you will see a real difference. That is, in the texture of the skin, pore size, brown spots, hyperpigmentation, acne scars, acne, reduction of wrinkles and wrinkles. If you are looking for a product that really corrects, you must be a doctor and not a beauty product.

Side note, just because he is a doctor, does not make it very expensive! 40 months to invest in products that really work! Consumers are prepared to pay a premium for skin care and hair care products that they consider to be high performance. The term "cosmeceutical" is often used in advertising for cosmetics and can be misleading for the consumer.

When the consumer interprets a Cosmeceutical product that is comparable to a pharmaceutical product, he can conclude that the Cosmeceuticals must be subjected to the same efficacy and quality control tests as the medicines. This allows the retailer to charge the consumer more for a product that is less effective and / or of lesser quality than the observed product.

Customers are asked to contact highly qualified skin care products from DelfogoRx for a free consultation or to simply get more information about the wide range of products offered.

As a subsidiary of SkinPro, all skin care and anti-aging products of DelfogoRx are developed and produced in a licensed FDA and GMP laboratory that is routinely controlled by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Agriculture. State of Florida.

DelfogoRx strongly believes in conducting clinical trials in humans. For this reason, DelfogoRx skin care products have not tested any product or ingredient ever tested on animals. DelfogoRx is an authorized member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

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The president of this organization is Dr. Robert M. Goldman, MD. The Academy has certified more than 26,000 practicing physicians around the world. The goal of DelfogoRx is to maintain the exclusive distribution of retail products, both online and through this extensive anti-aging network.