Tuesday, September 18, 2018

What Is Sodium Benzoate In Skin Care Safe? Benefits And Side Effects?

In recent months I have started using personal care products from Avalon Organics. At that time I used coconut oil for a facial humidifier and it did not work at all. I liked to buy the cleaner and the moisturizer and I really liked it.

When I was looking for a new natural shampoo and conditioner, I saw the Avalon Organics Lavender line at Target and bought it without thinking. Because the name is 'organic', I thought it would be completely natural and free of damage.

I have not even read the ingredients. During the showering the bottle was lying on the shelf with the label. I quickly searched for sodium benzoate online. I discovered that US preservatives are generally recognized as safe (GRAS).

sodium benzoate safety in skin care

The FDA can be used in products as long as they appear on the label. Sodium benzoate is classified as GRAS and can prevent the growth of bacteria, fungi or yeast under acidic conditions. Keep in mind that preservatives do not keep food fresh, but create an environment that is poisonous enough to prevent the spread of life (bacteria, fungi and yeasts).

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The main concern of sodium benzoate as a preservative is the ability to react with ascorbic acid or vitamin C, which is common in foods and cosmetics. By this reaction, which is a known carcinogen, a chemical called benzene is formed.

It has been widely reported that benzene is formed by the combination of these two components, and it has also been reported on a large scale that benzene is a dangerous carcinogenic agent. In the Skin Deep Cosmetics Database, sodium benzoate is given a safety rating of 3 that is low to moderate, while benzene gives a 10 that represents the highest possible risk.

The Valon Organics must take this into account. Due to the well-known potential hazard of sodium benzoate, its use of organic foods or beverages is not permitted due to the legal requirements for the labeling of foodstuffs in foodstuffs.

In fact, the Skinny Girl Margarita line was taken by Whole Foods, but in 2011 it was found to contain sodium benzoate and Whole Foods took the product off the shelves. It is a pity that personal care products do not have the same strict bio-labeling requirements as food products.

After all, our skin absorbs everything we do on it. "Contrary to popular belief that the US regulates cosmetics for safety, long-term health effects or environmental damage, many common cosmetic ingredients are harmful to humans and the environment...

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In cosmetics labels, words such as "herbs", "natural" or "organic" do not have a legal definition. This means that everyone can do something in a bottle and call it 'natural'. And they do it! All Avalon Organics products include the "NSF / ANSI 305 certification for personal care products with organic ingredients."

To obtain certification, all formulas must contain an organic content of at least 70%. All other ingredients may not be available in organic form and must be assessed and approved by an independent scientific body to minimize the environmental impact during production and ensure the safety of the user of the product.

This strive for NSF / ANSI 305 standard the next chapter of our journey to personal care products that are pure, safe and effective by nature and the greater benefits are to offer us awareness.

Benzene Carcinogen Inherently pure? On July 23, 2014, I sent an e-mail to Avalon Organics regarding the above information. I have not received a reply to date. Hello, I use more of your products, including Lavender Conditioner and skincare line with vitamin C.

I have discovered that sodium benzoate is a preservative in all these products. After further research, I discovered that when sodium benzoate is combined with ascorbic acid, another ingredient in the skin care line is vitamin C, a substance called benzene, which is a documented carcinogen.

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I found this information in different locations on the internet, so it must be widely known among people in the food and cosmetics industry. For a company that markets itself as a safe and environmentally friendly, I find that very alarming!

People more to use their products and hope that they are free of toxins and safe. If someone answered this question on this subject, it would be very welcome.