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The Korean Skin Care Routine Day And Night Everyone Needs To Know

The Korean routine of skin care for the radiant and moist skin. Have you ever noticed the beautiful porcelain skin of Korean, as if it had no pores? Sometimes I wonder if it is because of their genes, diet or the weather. And it is a relief to know that these assumptions are wrong, these factors above contribute to your beautiful skin, but it is not the key to a radiant skin. It takes hard work to achieve perfect skin, and when it comes to make-up, Koreans take a different approach than others.

Koreans use skin care as part of their culture and start to become active at a young age instead of solving skin problems, only when they occur. They treat your skin and complexion as a final investment. The Korean routine of skin care was called "millions of skin care products" and we started thinking about time, effort and, of course, budget.

Do not worry, it's only a step of 8 steps for the morning routine and 10 steps for the evening routine. And they do, it takes a maximum of 15 minutes and you will become radiant when you wake up. That is what the Koreans do.

korean skin care routine day and night for combination skin

This article will be personally addressed, as the author also performs these steps. I assure you that the radiance and sprayed skin of Korea is possible. The Korean morning routine consists of 8 steps. Yes, it sounds very extensive, but your effort has not gone unnoticed.

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Wash your face with water:

When you first wash in the morning, clean your face with water. Removes impurities that accumulate on the face at night and also helps to absorb moisture. The toner balances the pH of the skin and keeps the skin against deep dirt.

In addition, it helps to absorb the following products that are used. The essence is an aqueous substance that moisturizes the skin and restores the youth of the skin. The blisters are similar to those of the serum, but have a larger number of agents that are tailored to the specific needs of the skin. They are used as reinforcements if your skin needs urgent extra help.

The serums have concentrated formulas with active ingredients that also target certain skin problems such as wrinkles, dark spots or dehydration. The use of an eye cream is very important in the Korean routine of skin care. Then apply a soothing moisturizer to the entire face to rehydrate all day. Because it is not possible to avoid the sun, you must apply sunscreen every day, even when you are at home.

The daily protection of the skin against UV rays prevents the formation of dark spots, wrinkles and wrinkles. The Korean night routine consists of 10 steps.

It is overwhelming, yes, but everyone has their own important role to keep the skin young, healthy and clear. This removes dirt and makeup that have accumulated during the day.

First remove the make-up with a facial tissue (facial tissue, not the dressing because it leaves traces of fibers on the skin) and a stain remover. And remove sebum and other bacteria with a mild cleaner based on oil and hot water.

And then clean it again:

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Koreans believe that cleanliness is the most important step in their skin care. It is the key to a radiant and acne-free complexion, and that is why you choose a cleanser with a cream or a foaming cleanser.

Massage the skin of your face in a circular motion:

They exfoliate at least twice a week with a mild enzyme or an exfoliating skin to remove the dead skin and make the smoother skin visible. The following steps are similar to those of the daily routine: Toner, Essence, Ampoule and Serum.

Sheet Mask:

Well, that's my personal favorite. Anyone who watches Korean movies knows that they are obsessed with masks. It is a substance that is saturated with skin-friendly ingredients! It offers a perfect moisturizing and anti-aging treatment.

Followed by eye cream and moisturizer: for a night cream chooses a cream that provides enough moisture for the skin at night while the skin is being repaired at night. Another Korean thing is the facial fog.

You can skip this, but to really experience the Korean feeling of your skincare routine, I would say that this is essential. You can refresh your skin in the middle of the day with plenty of syringes that provide a good dose of fluid during the day.

Whether you follow these steps or not, you must always remember to hydrate your body, sleep well and rest well. These are the basic needs of the skin to be radiant and healthy. With these steps you can achieve healthy skin with "less make-up and more skin care". Let's start the way to reach this beautiful Korean skin!

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