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Jack Black Skin Care Reviews For Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25

Jack Black skin care reviews. To be honest, a lip balm is not a product I would expect from Jack Black, although the range consists of a wide range of skincare, hair care and shaving products for men. This is a lip balm conditioner that protects your lips against extreme weather conditions and is also good for dry or chapped lips.

Another advantage is that it offers broad UVA and UVB protection, so you can use it all year round and handle the negative effects of the cold and warmer seasons on people's skin.

According to the company, the lip balm of Jack Black Therapy is not on the surface of the lips like the toothpicks, but it absorbs well into the skin and provides immediate relief. In addition, the fresh aroma of the mint gives a refreshing feeling. This product contains antioxidant ingredients that have soothing and moisturizing properties, including Shea butter, green tea leaf extract, avocado oil and cocoa butter.

moisturizer Jack Black Skin Care Reviews

What do the users say about Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm LSF 25?

I was impressed by the number and length revisions that many others shared. Finally, one can think that this is just a lip balm, but people would like to share more information about the healing properties of this product and other benefits that they have experienced after use.

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Let's take a good look at what people control. Moreover, it is said that it is also good to prevent lip problems in the winter and in the summer. Prevents cold sores and moisturizes the lips so that they are soft and sufficiently hydrated.

Other positive attributes are the fact that it takes a long time and has a non-sticky consistency. The light mint flavor is not overwhelming and the product leaves no white residue on the lips like other SPF lip balms.

The tube that comes is also practical. Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25 is a useful and soothing lip balm for winter and summer. It contains some good natural ingredients and is very effective, according to the opinion of the majority of users.

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