Thursday, September 6, 2018

Infinite Aloe Skin Care Reviews At Fountain Ave, East Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

Originally I bought from Costco and gave my mother some glasses. We love both! I have ordered more from your website. Soften my skin I buy the unscented and add essential oils. I bought the cream / original product from Costco during the Christmas period and I love it.

This cream helped dry my skin. The only other skin cream that comes close to my skin is "la mer". And it costs 80.00 0.5 pot I bought 5 large glasses and 12 pots, mini hesitated 150.00, because creams always seem to work in the store, but after a few weeks fails, at least for me.

However, this cream is strong and lasts for hours. If these are not the days I can wait until April, when I go back to my Costco in Marina Del Rey, I would try it with Microdermabrasion and anti-aging line. I even shared some of my creams as a gift this season and received excellent reviews.

infinitealoe skin care costco reviews

Now I regret that I have given him so many creams. PLEASE NOTE, TO BUY THIS PRODUCT! We bought what we thought was a bottle of 1.7 ounces of Aloe Infinite gold and sellers two additional skin care creams Aloe Infinite.

Sales people deliberately misled us by offering too many product names, packages and prices, and they did not let us go. The grim tactics that you think are ethical are no longer allowed, especially at a convention for interior design.

Worst of all is that the product gives a burning sensation to my wife and we try to request a full refund of 100%. They do not respond to your customer service, so we are forced to pay more for products that should not work.

As a consumer, be aware of misplaced product claims and misleading tactics. If we had not checked our credit card, we would not have known that by paying just 2 grams of product more than twice. Wow, this really works!

I use ordinary (white) cream for years and I was surprised how well the golden line worked. The golden anti-aging cream is excellent. Very expensive, but a little enough in dark circles, age spots and wrinkles.

I use it, my husband does the same as my 84-year-old father. The results speak for themselves. All natural ingredients In the dry months I have to use a moisturizer on the anti-aging cream. I never tried it except that they had a stand in the jewelry, fashion and accessories room in Chicago and demonstrated.

So I'm glad I found it 8 years ago! Nancy, the operator is very nice. You have a representative, that's it. Laurie's Naturals sells small bottles of sample packaging with lotion by sticking stickers on it. The glasses contain no ingredients. They are clearly marked as No for resale.

Laurie also raises taxes on these sales.

I wonder how many illegal transactions Laurie has exploited. I also use it all over my body, face and neck. I do not use anything else anymore.

It has a very reasonable price. Makes my skin so smooth and hydrated without feeling greasy. I also noticed that it helps me to repair sun-damaged skin when I cook outside in the summer. I also like the aroma very much.

It has a fresh scent that is not perfumed, at all. I do not like scented things because they make me turn and cause a headache. If you are looking for a good skin product, you should try it.

I therefore believe that the quality of the product for this value is not good enough. I sent an e-mail to the Infinite Aloe customer service, which I bought from Costco, but it is not fair to the consumer that the cream cannot be used in such a short time.

The customer service manager, Amy Giles, offered an exchange and I told her that I wanted her to return for the money I paid for. He followed RMA's instructions and told me to return the product. I sent them a 1.7 ounce gold barrel and two 0.5 ounces of gold barrels.

Two months after the return of the product, I still get nothing from Infinite Aloe. I emailed Amy again on March 19, and she completely changed her response: You said the product was purchased from Costco so they cannot refund.

I was stunned by her answer: She was the one who told us that we should return the product for a refund, and now she said she could not repay. After a few emails, I realized that they are not honest about their refund policy, so I told them that they should return the package and I will try to return to Costco.