Saturday, September 29, 2018

Face Treatment Oil, Ingredients Of Guerlain Skin Care Reviews

I love this oil after use, I do not use make-up; I get compliments on my skin all day when I wear it. I just discovered that and am in love. This oil with real bee jelly is considered the purest, in the world, is exceptional. I only used it for a few days and my skin is so soft and flexible.

Of course it is a bit sticky because it is cute! And of course it is a little watery because they have to spread the honey. But it is divine and it is truly one of the most exquisite ingredients for skin care!

I have used oils all my life because I love them. But I've never had such an effect and I know it's honey! I wish I could pay the whole line, but from the reviews I have read elsewhere, this oil is the best in the queue. It is this French genius!

guerlain orchidee skin care reviews

I have a sample of this large facial oil, enough to have a good, long time to evaluate it. I can only say: ho-hum. It was not really greasy for an oil. Maybe because he has alcohol. It is strange to drink alcohol in an oil, but whatever. Although it did not dry my skin, my skin did not feel smooth and moist. He did absolutely nothing for my skin, good or bad.

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I got much better results from the infusion of Rosemire Melodic Skin, a product that made me say "Wow" after a single use, looking at my skin. Actually, I have been very lucky in the past with Guerlain skin care, although it bothers me that they are all equipped with scents, so this product is a disappointment. This oil has a smell. It is not very strong, but if you are sensitive to smell, go away! No, I would not buy that, but if I get another sample, I would use it.

Guerlain and after a month I still do not know what to do with it. I used dry oil from La Prairie that I love. I use this oil only at night, because it is easy to move, but it feels a bit sticky on the skin, but it is gone in the morning.

Although I would not use it again on my face. I checked my mind to buy it again because it was great when it was mixed with a good hand cream at night. My hands end up in the hospitality area where I work and drought in the winter.

I did not really know that none of the Guerlain skin care products I have tried has made a good impression. So I surprised myself that I bought this enormous toilet water by force. The SA told me how this product will increase and make your skin tighter.

I used this product diligently for a week and it did not impress me. It is too watery for an oil. It does not have the consistency that the oil should have. The smell is too strong. I felt like I was pouring perfume into my face. It leaves a sticky feeling.

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The application requires extra effort. Although the product absorbs quickly, it remains very sticky to the touch. It just gave me some liquid, but otherwise I am very disappointed. This is a very misleading representation of a facial oil. It is extremely watery (why is there alcohol in this oil!?) and has an unpleasant odor.

Not to mention the extravagant extracts of Shmancy honey and other useful ingredients that are present in such small amounts that I doubt they really do. It is better to lick your face with just about any other pure oil. At least they are not treated with dry alcohol and possibly irritating odors.

98 USD, that's a bit expensive. However, I only need 4 or 5 drops at a time to hydrate my face and neck, so it took almost a year. This is not a terrible value given the money.

The smell is light and honey-like and does not discourage me and does not cause allergic reactions. I have oily skin, so that is enough moisture for me, although it leaves a light sticky feeling on my skin.

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However, the best use of this product seems to be a makeup primer. Let every applied make-up look a million times better. I do not think it's enough for someone with dry skin alone, and that would be the biggest disadvantage, because stratifying different products from that line very quickly become very expensive. I love most of the make-up products from Guerlain and of course the smells.