Friday, September 21, 2018

Best Esthetician Skin Care Products Wholesale Beauty Supply Routine & Others

Esthetician skin care products Wholesale. Are you a dealer? Do you want to sell make-up eraser wholesale? Do you have a salon, spa, beauty shop or any other store where you think that Makeup Eraser (MUE) or any of MUE's other lifestyle products is a good product to store?

If so, then good news! You can create make-up gum and MUE lifestyle products for wholesale on your retail website. Whether you are in the United States, the Caribbean, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, Brazil, Sweden, Kuwait, the United Kingdom and other selected countries, you can offer our products.

Every country that we send can sell it! There are no costs associated with setting up a wholesale make-up gum account. It is easy to set up so that you can sell these excellent products in your store. You can also buy products to use your customers for facials, massages, make-up applications and other skin care services.

Esthetician Skin Care Products Wholesale reviews

1. No configuration costs: there are no costs for becoming a dealer.

2. Easy ordering and fast shipping: contact to complete your inventory, the product from Arizona will be shipped.

3. Special retail prices: you will receive a discounted price to purchase your make-up lasers to maximize your winnings.

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4. Free shipping: ask me how you can send free shipping on your order, only in the USA.

5. United States and international companies: available in stores in the United States and international independent companies.

6. Your market: even if you do not sell cosmetics, most of your customers wear make-up! Those who try the MUE will love, and return to buy more for themselves or as gifts for their friends. It is a great way to increase your sales per customer. 50 minimum, you can mix and match quantities and products.

International minimum order quantity: 20 pieces, you can mix and match quantities and products. I have years of work experience in the field of traditional marketing and social networking, so that I can help you make the best of selling Makeup Eraser in your company.

  • Increase sales per customer by having a basket of MINI make-up erasers in the cashier room.

  •  You do not need much shelf space to promote the MUE. We have a cardboard / credit shelf that you can purchase with a capacity of 15 full-size make-up erasers.

  •  Ask me how you can get our FREE screen! Our motion detection screen will attract the attention of your customers and play a video on how the MUE works.

  •  I recommend to make our advertisement 'Night routine with a cotton ball or make-up foam' and to display it next to the make-up surfaces. The Makeup Eraser - How does it work?

  •  It is true, only hot water and the MUE will eliminate all kinds of make-up. But you can promote more sales by showing the canvas. Make sure a "Demonstration" cloth with your screen is ready for customers to touch and touch.

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  •  How does it work? Demonstration suggestions: always show it on your inner wrist or upper fist.

Make a line with lipstick, then eyeliner, then use the magic wand to stamp the mascara by hand. Moisten a part of the fabric and remove the make-up with a gentle circular movement.

Then turn your back with a label to show a scrub soft enough to finish every day. Share it at home, the customer would twist the fabric, hang it up and use it again the next night! Remember: MUE does not collect odors or bacteria.

  •  If you include the MUE in your pre-treatment, ask your client, which MUE color you would like to take home, so that you can continue the spa experience at home.

  •  Train your staff on how easy it is to use MUE and share testimonials with customers. If you have a receptionist, ask them to show the make-up bag to the customer while they wait. Bonus: makes bonus rewards for your employees. The more make-up lasers are sold, they receive a reward (free MUE, money bonus, etc.).

  •  If your employees can not demonstrate MUE, apply a lipstick, waterproof liquid eyeliner and mascara with the demo function. Although MUE works best with hot water, you can provide a bottle with a water sprayer so that the customer can test the substance himself.

  •  In fact, keep an MUE in your bathroom so that customers can try it with hot water.

  •  I will give you marketing materials and photos of the brand. These are perfect for use or printing in social networks and display in your store or salon.

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  •  Best-selling proposal: ask your employees and customers to create their own video and publish it on social networks. Customers buy from those who know and trust them! If you have not seen it in action yet, you will see our founder, Elexsis McCarthy, shows you how it works.

You can also view many more reviews and demos. For other marketing ideas for florists, spas, public pharmacies, dance studios, hotel gift shops, skin care products and clothing stores. Our wholesale program works for so many stores!