Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Ways To Compare Skin Care Lines Products Reviews

Compare skin care lines, all skin care products can be divided into one of four categories. Why would you care about it? Because it is a way to evaluate what you do for your skin and your body. Finally, if you compare skin care products (and if you think about what you use, right?) There must be a basis for comparison.

For example, many people ask "What is the best face cream?" If you do not know what you want, how can you answer this question? What would happen if you find a moisturizer for the face area, the wrinkles would actually be pushed back better than any other product on planet Earth, but your life in 10 years shorter?

Would that be a valuable compensation for you? Here's a way to rate all skin products so you can decide what's best for you. This is by far the largest group. These are the well-known brands we hear every day: Clinique, Mary Kay, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Arbonne, Shiseido. Avon, Chanel and Proactiv.

compare skin care products review

ADVANTAGE: they are everywhere, so they are easy to get.

Disadvantage: they are full of chemical products and preservatives, so they are dangerous to use. Do not make the mistake that skin care products that cost more are safer than cheaper products.

Maybe they are, but often not! Noxzema is actually a safer product than Peau Magnifique. Without teaching yourself, you can unconsciously add poisons to your body every day.

It is not a good idea. There are certain care series that are advertised as 'natural' or 'organic'. The names in this group are Saffron Rouge, Aubrey Organics, Toms Of Maine and Dr. Hauschka.

ADVANTAGE: if they are really made from natural organic ingredients, they are much safer to use.

PRICE: In general, they are not cheap. Here is a 15-day cream from the famous Dr. Hauschka line. Then there are more specific products such as a protective bar, masks and lip care.

It is clear that buying this entire line costs a considerable amount of money.

Disadvantage: whether or not really healthy and natural. If you do not read the labels and do not understand what you read, you can be fooled.

Polysorbate: it is an alcohol. Alcohol can make body tissues more vulnerable to carcinogens. Mouthwashes with an alcohol content of 25% or more have been associated with oral, tongue and throat cancer.

Tetrasodium EDTA: There are concerns about the toxicity of the biological system because the animals have shown bio degradation at low doses; irritates the skin, eyes, or lungs; There are few studies on toxicity and this lack of data can be worrying.

These are the wonderful products he makes in his kitchen with honey, fruit, yoghurt, natural oils and even chocolate. What do you dislike about these fun products? Even from time to time I prepare a chocolate mask, it is good enough to eat!

Advantage: you are responsible. You already know what's in your skin care products and can eliminate terrible chemicals and use only fresh, natural ingredients.

Some strawberries and half a cup of yogurt cost much less than most skin care products, including WalMart brands. They are perishable. If you do that on Saturday afternoon, a yogurt and a banana facial and you want to use it again on Sunday and she was not in the fridge, that's disgusting!

And it is uncomfortable, every time you have to run a skin product in the kitchen, but most of us in the bathroom work on our faces. And a dose of frozen ingredients can be quite shocking, especially in the colder months. And even if they remain cold, they have a very short life.

Some can even be used once: think of a banana that is exposed to air the next day. These products consume a lot of time. It takes time to take them and they need time to make a difference.

You can put cream on your face and run through the door. If you leave the house with fruit on your face, they will look at you seriously!

In general, kitchen cosmetics have a single function: it is a moisturizer or a scrub. The leather goods that are bought in the store are versatile products. This option combines all the advantages of the three previous methods without the disadvantages!

You can make your own professional care products that are just as good as those of Neiman... unless they are better! They make them especially for your skin. And much more: your skin will change over time and even from season to season.

Example: I use a toner in the summer, but not in the winter, because it dries too much. Your do-it-yourself products do not need preservatives because you will use them quickly. Skin care products have been stored on a shelf for years, even years.