Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Best O Skin Care Eagle Rock Clinic General Near Me

O skin care Eagle Rock. They try to sell you some things / services, but I'm glad they do not put you under pressure. I hope they are consistent, they will definitely come back! I took my daughter to get a facial treatment. The beautician was Danielle. My daughter said it was amazing that she really took the time to be as friendly as possible. HUGE improvement with your face. I have been in O Skin Care several times and I cannot be happier.

The staff is very friendly and wants you to feel at ease. I made my first visit today. My friends, my sister and my mother-in-law recommended it. I received my first facial treatment at the age of 28! Everyone was very attentive and friendly when I walked in. Thank God for the honesty! I will update how my skin goes down.

The staff is very friendly and Mrs O (Olivia Quido-Co), if it is in advance, she will personally help you to solve your skin problems, the place is clean and relaxing. By the way, even pregnant mothers can get their facials because I was prepuberal. This place is great and highly recommended.

dollar store O Skin Care Eagle Rock

The best facial treatment I have ever had. So professional, relaxing and complete! I felt rejuvenated from head to toe. I was referred to this place by a friend and took my two daughters to facial treatments. They told me that they specialized in the treatment of acne.

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Well, in short, one of my daughters went and got a facial treatment one day and forgot the bracelet that was given to her at the end. A technician asked him to remove the wristband for the massage mask.

After his facial treatment, the technician forgot to bring the bracelet back. She left the installation without her bracelet. They called me immediately and left a message on my cell phone with the announcement that the bracelet was there and that we were asked to pick it up. I called and said they had to wait and my daughter will pick her up when she comes to her next visit. When my daughter came to the next visit and reminded her of the bracelet, they told my daughter that the bracelet was not there.

I still kept the voicemail message on my phone as proof that they had my daughter's bracelet that day. I was so upset that I called the girl who had left the message on my phone and literally lied to me, that she had made a mistake and that it was not my daughter's bracelet. Of course he had to lie because they had lost the bracelet.

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Someone stole my daughter's bracelet! This place is a thief, unfair and unprofessional! I no longer take my daughters to facial treatments. They have just lost two customers because of their unfair trade.

Do not let her take jewelry, because you know you will not get her back. This bracelet was a gift for the graduation of my daughter. It was a sentimental gift and it was stolen. I do not recommend anyone here. In my opinion they do not receive STAR! Olivia is very useful when it comes to customer satisfaction. I always leave your spa relaxed and happy. Elena and Cherry are my favorites. I do not like to remove blackheads or pimples.

When I first went to O Skin Care, I did not know what to expect. I only knew that I was very worried. But all my fears disappeared as I walked through the door! They assured me and assured me that there was nothing to fear. I felt relieved and relaxed! It was not painful at all! I slept a little during most of my treatments. They have spoiled me for more than an hour! And it was worth it! And when I looked in the mirror, my face had this "glow" without even being "photoshopped"! Their products are not even expensive compared to what is there. I have used your products and I am satisfied with them.

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"O" means "excellent"?

I love O skin care! I came to Skinning BL Oma 6 months ago and made it great for my wedding (in December). The ladies at the reception are very professional, polite and helpful.