Sunday, August 12, 2018

Best Young Living Art Skin Care Reviews Beyond Essential Oils

Young living art skin care reviews, join our amazing group of mothers on Facebook! When I first signed up for my starter kit, I had no idea that Young Living had great products that were not essential oils. Over time, I gradually began to integrate a number of products into my daily life, and now I am completely in love (seriously). From facial cleansing mint to massage oil, the journey to essential oils goes beyond these small bottles.

1. Thieves Foaming hand soap: this soap not only smells good, but does not stick to the hands of my children. Do you know how children use too much soap and stick to the skin, so you need to rinse them ten times to remove them? This soap does the trick, because it is a foaming cleanser that spreads without my help through all the hands of my children. Even my children like to use it and it smells great!

2. Warbler, lavender or orange lip balm - and do not dry your lips after use! The best lip balm I have ever used in my life.

3. Relaxing massage oil "Every man with her should be aware of this" (too much information I know). ... Did I say that politically as correctly as possible? There is also orthomassage massage oil to support daily activities and Dragon Time massage oil to support "at this time of the month".

reviews on young living art skin care

4. Mint Facial Scrub: one way to wake up in the morning is with this facial scrub. It smells great and really helps you wake up with the tingling that gives your skin and the great scent! I have removed my own DIY lotion from my favorite essences from the starter kit. It makes my skin so happy!

5. Thieves cleaner: That takes. Simply follow the instructions for dilution with water and store it in a glass spray bottle. The smell and I love that it is a clean, cleaner to use with my children.

6. Ningxia Red - This incredible drink is packed with antioxidants and really tastes amazing. A healthy way to give your body energy during the day.

7. New skin care system Art. I have not tried it yet (it is on my list to try it soon!), But I hear incredible reviews, especially from women with skin problems.

8. Children's products: from shampoo to toothpaste, Young Living offers all natural products for your little ones. The vitamins and cream "Tender Tush" are on our shopping list for our children.

9. Deep Relief Roll-on: it's good, technically it's an oil, but it's a ready-to-use blend that comes as a roll-on, so it's different from the other essential oils you get at Young. Living can buy.

We use it for the discomfort of the back (both my husband and I) and it works now, just roll it! We would not be able to live without this.

10. Essential Oil Tools: Did you know that there is such a thing? From a typical diffuser (found in the starter kit) to USB diffusers and mass diffusers, there are amazing devices that make it even easier to use essential oils (and more fun). Pay attention to all the ways in which you can use your oils! Once you buy a kit, you are a wholesale member! That means that you can buy all the above products at a discount (how bad!).

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