Sunday, August 19, 2018

Thailand Must Buy Skin Care Bangkok Beauty Products

Thailand must buy skin care, Bangkok is the paradise of all buyers. From clothing to food, it is a place that is visited by tourists from all over the world. Bangkok is now gaining popularity in the beauty and make-up scene, with many Thai beauty types growing up in Bangkok.

If you are already planning a trip to Bangkok, take these 37 Thai beauties and make-up products for your beauty trip. Gino McCray, sponsored as the MAC of Thailand, is popular throughout Thailand and addicts around the world.

On your next trip to Bangkok you have to buy some of these products if you have not already. You are in the boutiques of Beauty Buffet in Bangkok. The professional blush for cheeks is similar to MAC.

The trio range for cheeks is delivered in 2 different keys, matching the Asian skin tones Pink Flash and Peach Glare. Each trio is delivered in 3 complementary tones for every occasion. The price is THB375.00 (about SGD15.62). Measured according to the shadow range, everyone can find a suitable tone for their skin color.

The formula contains collagen peptide and vitamin E, so that it hydrates with a semi-matte finish. These dealers of THB 249 (about 10.37 SGD). This palette looks promising, with a good selection of warm and cold colors.

must buy skin care in thailand

If you are looking for a palette of blues and grays, this palette is a good find. The shadows are clearly pigmented and also contain nutritious vitamin E extract. As part of the Beauty Products group Beauty Buffet, Lansley is also a must if you are in Bangkok. The range includes eye creams, serum for eyes and face, body sharps and masks.

These are some of the purchases that beauty bloggers saw on their beauty travels from Bangkok. Recommended on the Beauty Buffet website, this eye cream contains 99.99% pure gold that keeps the skin fresh around the eyes. It also contains collagen and elastin, which is to eliminate wrinkles. Another recommended product on the Beauty Buffet website is the Serum Brightening Supreme.

This skin serum promises a radiant appearance by illuminating the skin tone and making it darker. It also contains anti-imperfection properties. It consists of Gigawhite, an extract of 7 alpine plants that were developed in Switzerland, and Tahitian Black Pearl.

A promising, cleansing cleaner for people who suffer from acne. It is formulated with an extract from the plasticizer and together with glycolic acid and triclosan, it is soft enough on the skin while it works to remove the pores to prevent new outbreaks.

Another popular find in the beauty buffet group and in the beauty tours of many beauty addicts is Scentio. It has a variety of lotions and drinks for your skin in different flavors. Scentio is sold in stores with beauty products throughout the country. This is a popular strain and is known for its "milky" aroma. The facial scrub is an absolute must during your next beauty trip to Bangkok.

It contains coenzyme Q10, which contains powerful skin cells to nourish and regenerate the skin. In the same line as Milk Plus, the body lotion also has the same distinctive "milky" aroma that leaves your skin soft and supple with a delicious aroma. It is a great addition to your Scentio collection.

Something about the name of apricot sorbet, which makes this bush sound delicious. If apricots are not your favorite, you will find many fruity alternatives such as raspberries, avocado and even pineapple jam. Do not miss Oriental Princess during your next visit to Bangkok. This local brand offers the full range of body care, facial care, hair care to make-up.

The variety of products and assortments are impressive and covers all the basic principles. You will certainly leave the store with something. As part of the beneficial range of Foundation products, this facial light will be a great addition to your makeup drawer.