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Serum Definition Skin Care With Pomegranate Have Anti-Aging Collagen

Serum definition skin care, the aging of the skin, with the use of skin care products has improved Granada extract with fruit. This extract builds up the fibrous matrix in the tissues of the skin.

Definition: What is pomegranate fruit extract? Granada extract (pomegranate extract) pressed pomegranate. This fruit is considered a berry, is between the size of a lemon and grapefruit contains about 600 seeds.

It has been found that one of the largest sources of vitamin C and antioxidants is available to make it an excellent additive for cosmetic day creams, night creams and serums.

History: What is the origin of the pomegranate? The pomegranate comes from the Iranian plateau, the Himalayas in the north of Pakistan and the north of India. It has been cultivated since ancient times and cultivated as archaeological evidence is fruit Granada, coatings actually dry shell (from the early stages of the Bronze Age 3150 BC Jericho in Israel and tombs in Egypt.) Pomegranate is not only a source of food, but has been since Millennia used in folk medicine.

Body elements: In which parts of the skin of the pomegranate extract works? Adding creams and serums Granada is applied to the skin of the face before applying makeup or at bedtime to promote healthy skin.

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The components of the skin, which make the firm and smooth look, are collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are proteins that form a fibrous matrix of skin tissue for strength and support. When the dry elastin, the fibers are also brittle, but with the right care they are very elastic.

When collagen and elastin are at risk, the wrinkles, lines, flabby and loss of strength show. Pomegranate extract works on skin cells that produce collagen and elastin. These cells are called fibroblasts.

An advantage, Granada extract, increases the lifespan of the fibroblast cells, allowing them to produce more collagen and elastin fibers within the skin tissue to form a new stock.

Functions: How does pomegranate extract work on the skin? Pomegranate extracts rich in vitamin C and has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The antioxidants from pomegranate extract counteract the aging effects of free radicals.

Free radicals can cause the cell DNA of skin damage (the model to generate new skin cells), break down the collagen fibers (with a supporting structure of the skin) and cause inflammation (a reaction of the skin tissue causing redness and swelling).

Antioxidant extract Granada binds their ability to neutralize the skin to damage by free radicals. These antioxidants, the so-called phenolic components, include anthocyanins (such as Delphinidin, Cyanidine and Pelargonidine) and gallotannins (such as punicalin, pedunculagin, punicalagin ester galágico ellagic acid and glucose).

Antioxidants anthocyanins in the Granada extract to be advantageous for wrinkles. Wrinkles are actually micro-lesions on the skin. Anthocyanins antioxidants help regenerate the skin (healing of micro-injuries) and also protect the skin against bacteria that can cause damage to the skin.

Audience: who would benefit from a skin product containing pomegranate extract? Meaning: Why is pomegranate extract a good ingredient in a skin product? A cream or serum extract Granada application is an excellent way to supplement with additional nutrient skin (anti-oxidants).

Granada extract is a natural substance that is non-toxic botanical, acts as a tonic to create a smooth and silky texture on the skin feeling and works as an astringent to shrink and tighten the skin. Int J Dermatol.

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How important are anthocyanins for the human ability to combat skin damage?

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