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Nevertheless, the ships still produced large quantities on land, which, according to the meter were wet. The striking feature of this last group was the fact that the wet measurements to the keel were lower, while the group that had just crawled was more evenly wet.

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The conclusion here is inevitable: the measuring vessels that are transported out of the water are very unreliable and susceptible to false measurements. The next question to be answered is how gelcoats behave.

Are gellable more sensitive to water absorption?

Is there a difference between the gel layer below the waterline and above it? The tests were carried out under different climatic conditions. Moisture meters do not read frozen water; Place the meter on a piece of ice and the reading is zero.

It has been shown that the moisture content has little influence except on wood. The difference in the measurement results in a laminate with a humidity of 40% compared to 90% was only 4 points on the scale of the meter.

The decks of dozens of boats were tested immediately after the rain. Here the moist gel layer was dried with a towel and immediately measured. It was a surprise that the measured values almost always were almost zero, even in old boats with a layer of worn gels.

From this we conclude that the gelcoat on the waterline, which is not exposed to water pressure, absorbs very little water. Therefore, the use of a meter to detect wet cores under the skin on items such as covers and stringers will give reliable results.

Do the salt residues influence the meter readings? The answer is absolutely yes. If there are salt residues in a dry hull or deck, this affects up to 50% on an apparently dry surface. You would think that the capacity meters are difficult to read on uneven surfaces such as the inside of runners and anti-slip platforms.

In fact, the meter says very well on moderately rough surfaces. Nevertheless, one must try to get as smooth a surface as possible. How do you read the deep meters? This is of course a critical question for polls that unfortunately did not respond quickly and quickly to our tests.

This is largely due to the fact that the quality and consistency of the material to be tested are not known. We test a substantially unknown material. Our results, however, showed some important results.

This concerned the fact that the closer the material was, the better the meter could read it. The meter could easily read half an inch of laminate in vacuum bags to water on the other side of this laminate, while when reading through a hand laminate, the results of the laminate were about 25% lower.

A meter does not read water through a dry core. The principle is that the enclosed air blocks the signal from the instrument in the same way as with ultrasound. The consequence of this factor is that false measurements can occur if the meter is placed in a vacuum, delamination or lamination without resin.