Friday, June 1, 2018

What Is Skin Rashes On Back?

What is the result? The rash is a symptom that causes the affected part of the skin to turn red and blotchy and swollen. The rash can cause stains with bumps, flaky, flaky or filled with pus. The eruptions can vary in location, pattern and size and can occur in any part of the body. A rash on the back can have different causes and may indicate that something is happening on the back or suggests a systemic condition (throughout the body).

Contact dermatitis (inflammation of the skin) is caused by a side effect on something that touches the skin, including chemicals found in detergents, soaps or fragrances. For example, you can get a rash on your back when wearing a shirt that has been washed with a specific cleaner or has been treated with a chemical.

Metal, such as in jewelry, can also cause rashes on the back. Other forms of contact dermatitis include exposure to certain plants, such as poison oak or ivy, the bite of an animal, or the bite of an insect. Lyme disease is caused by a tick bite, which can appear as a circle with a roost pattern for the first time and then turns into a rash. Looking for a doctor?

skin rashes on back of legs

Allergies to food and medicine are potentially serious causes of skin rashes. Peanuts, seafood, strawberries and avocados are just some of the foods that can cause allergic reactions. These foods can cause mild reactions; In some cases, however, the reactions can become life-threatening conditions characterized by vomiting, difficulty breathing or swelling.

Allergic purpura is a serious allergic reaction that is often life-threatening and can cause skin rashes, but can also affect the joints, the gastrointestinal tract and the kidneys. Skin rash can also be associated with skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and impetigo. Some of them are chronic skin conditions that can appear for a while and then dissolve.

Other causes of skin rash are autoimmune diseases that occur when the body is attacked by its own immune system, which normally serves to protect against foreign invaders (antigens). Many viruses that occur during the flu season or are related to childhood diseases such as chickenpox or measles, can cause skin rashes.

Results can be caused by an allergic reaction to food, medicines, lotions or cleaning agents. These reactions can range from mild to life-threatening, especially if there is swelling and narrowing of the breath, which may indicate anaphylaxis.

The rash did not bother me with itching or bumping, it is just on my skin. The result is red and stained and never goes away! The pictures of the results are given below. I know that is psoriasis. I have known it for many years. It is worse in my arms, as shown in the image below. Do not itch or burn this rash problem.

It's in my skin there. I have the problem of rash over my entire body. It does not seem to be a mushroom. After showering my skin seems to peel, but only in the red part of the rash. The result never bleeds or emits nothing. I would like help with diagnosing my skin problem. I noticed a week ago that my 19-month-old son has a rash that is as big as a quarter on his leg.

Unfortunately, at the moment I cannot afford health insurance and I would like to know if I can diagnose it before I go to the First Aid with him. The rash does not itch, but it seems to have become bigger. It starts to get scaly in the middle of the circle. The outer part of the eruption of the circle has small bumps and there is no separation of any kind.

Does anyone have home remedies?

Because I was small, I had rashes on the upper arms and legs (especially at the front of the thighs, but occasionally on the shins). It consists of very small red bumps, it does not tickle or it hurts, and in general it seems nothing but ugly. Nothing seems to explode, but it never left it. Now I am 22 years old and I am at least 15 years old.