Friday, January 31, 2014

How Do You Get A Perfect Skin?

perfect skin

How do you get a perfect skin?

A total absence of imperfections would be boring. Tasks of freckles, the dimples and wrinkles add to the appearance of a person, rather than it reduces.

So let's define perfection as no buttons, without blackheads, no spots of old age, the same tone or color and good health. Good health would mean that there are no conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.

To work for the attainment of these objectives, start by watching your diet. The typical American diet is not very healthy, because you can be aware.

* Do not eat too many simple carbohydrates; white sugar, bread, pastries, soft drinks etc. They cause spikes in blood sugar levels that can cause inflammation, which has a role in acne, eczema and other conditions plays

* Do not eat a lot of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. They love stable blood sugar and also anti oxidants that from free radical damage, protect the main cause of wrinkles and age spots

How do you get a perfect skin to eat well? Nutrition works inside. Skin care products can work outdoors, assuming they contain ingredients. There are many ingredients to avoid.

* Alcohol-cause dryness and irritation, can lead to the formation of spots of old age and uneven skin tone

* Petroleum jelly, mineral oil and paraffin clog the pores, causing pimples, blackheads

* Acid citric acid-found in some cleaning agents; may cause irritation and dryness

* Artificial preservatives-a common source of allergies and side effects

* Added scents-another common source of allergies and rashes

So, what ingredients are good? If you know how to perfect skin, you need good skin care products use. One of the best ingredients for cleaning is active manuka honey. It has a natural antibacterial activity which helps to the existing buttons and work to prevent the new form to heal.

As long as you are not moisturizers with oil and mineral oil jelly, you will not worry about a greasy or oily feel.

How do you get a perfect skin?