Saturday, November 2, 2013

What is My Skin Type

Skin Type

The skin type

Human skin is a real body with which the interaction of internal environment of our body with the world that surrounds us. It communicates with the outside world, send and receive an unlimited number of messages and signals.

It acts as a real barrier and prevents the passage of foreign substances and the release of other useful substances. It acts also as a place of Exchange and communication with the outside world, send to our Organization to a variety of helpful posts from the external environment.

The skin is made up of two layers: the DermIS, epidermis, the outer layer and the internal layer and melanocytes. Melanocytes are the cells responsible for the synthesis of melanin, the dark pigment that gives color to our skin. During exposure to the Sun accumulates melanin in the skin, giving it a Tan.

This Tan is our natural protection against solar radiation. The attitude of any type of skin for tanning plu or less, depends on several factors that are genetically determined. These factors regulate the synthesis of melanin.

The different types of skin, with a color of the hair and eyes, are divided into six types, which differ in the way of response to the amount of solar radiation they receive. These types are:

1. very light skin, blue eyes, blond or red hair: Burns often, sometimes tans.
2. fair skin, light eyes and hair color: often burns and tans with difficulty.
3. the intermediaries to clear skin, Brown or green eyes, brown hair: rarely Burns, tans usually with a golden hue.
4. the intermediaries ' olive ' or dark skin, dark eyes and hair: Burns rarely, often bronze.
5. dark or brown skin, black eyes and hair: natural brown skin.
6. very dark skin: natural black brown skin.

The main goals of ultraviolet radiation are the eyes and the skin. Sunburn, skin rash, keratitis showing more elementary a unprotected exposure to the Sun.

Some disorders of the skin such as the "photoaging" and fragility of the skin to the appearance of precancerous lesions or skin cancer (Carcinoma, carcinomas, malignant melanoma of skin cancer), are the other results of the UV-radiation dose accumulated over time. "