Monday, November 18, 2013

3 Top Nutrition Tips For Healthy Skin

Tips for healthy skin:

(1) The sugar increases oxidative stress in healthy skin and body damage. Sugar greatly affected by acne and other skin conditions. Just reduce sugar intake can do wonders for the health of your skin. Sugar suppresses the immune system, reducing the risk of disease and infection, there is little slow and tired, plasma insulin, and in fact, sugar is a poison to act wisely and stay away from POISON!

Nutrition Tips For Healthy Skin

(2) Processes are divided into sub products and sour toxic in the body. Many of these products should be eliminated through the skin, damaging cells of the skin and wrinkles and increased acne. In addition, processed foods contain thousands of chemicals, preservatives, sugars, sweeteners, Excitotoxins and many other polluting, toxic and carcinogenic substances that are better without. Just as saying no to processed foods and eat more whole grains, fruits, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds.

(3) The Trans-fats are extremely harmful to human health. Every cell in your body to build a cell wall composed of fat. When mount trans fats in the cell wall, which disturbs the normal operation of the cell. This causes the skin cells have a rigid and inflexible, causing wrinkles and old looking skin.

Skin care product labels need for FDA their ingredients in high concentrations as low food labels. In general, a higher quality skin care products, you will see the active ingredients on the front of the list. Don't be surprised if you notice that the quality of the products come with a higher price. Your skin will thank you for the investment.

Many skin care products contain general ingredients that claim to be helpful for the skin, but it is likely that, if the product is Dermatologically tested, it is likely that the formula would be ineffective amounts of ingredients that do nothing on your skin or even worse, may contain harmful levels of chemicals such as softened can cause irritation and damage. By choosing products that have been tested and approved by a dermatologist to reduce significantly increases the chances of damage to the skin and, more importantly, the likely hood that you invest in a strong product that desirable results.