Monday, October 28, 2013


acne antibiotics

Clear acne with oral antibiotics

Oral antibiotics have been used for many years in the treatment of acne. Oral antibiotics to help in the reduction of the population of acne which reduces inflammation. There were several American studies that support the efficacy of the antibiotics used in the treatment of acne.

In the included studies oral antibiotics:


Cheap, effective and lasts up to six weeks to see results. Used by many people who can tolerate erythromycin or tetracycline.


For the treatment of acne, especially for Pustular acne type is used for decades.


Kills bacteria and reduces swelling, used for a wide spectrum of bacteria.


More a drug prescribed for acne, reduces the papules and pustules found in acne.


Very useful for acne oral antibiotics, work by reducing inflammation and acne.

The only downside of oral antibiotics is the possible reaction with other chemicals in the body. A person can experience indigestion, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting or other types of poisoning. Some types of antibiotics can lead to skin and/or discoloration of the teeth and photosensitivity. Women taking oral antibiotics can suffer from vaginal yeast infections. If oral antibiotics are taken while other medications, this may affect the operation of other drugs.

A doctor or dermatologist is to determine the severity of acne that anyone has and what type of antibiotic will work better. In general, insurance companies do not cover the cost of acne medications.