Monday, March 18, 2013

How To Make Deodorant liquid form

It can open your eyes to a better understanding of the ingredients in your deodorant to take. This article focuses on how to make your deodorant liquid form natural ingredients, so you know exactly what you put on your skin every day.

Essential oils - natural ingredient number one

There are many different essential oils that you can use to learn deodorant and more confident you get, the more you will try to find creations the perfect blend.

Witch Hazel - a natural ingredient number two

If you're new to learn to deodorant you may not be familiar with witch hazel. Witch hazel is an ingredient that helps restore skin rashes, skin blemishes and even acne. Add a quarter cup of witch hazel for the whole recipe liquid deodorant provide a refreshing look to your everyday use deodorant.

Vodka - natural ingredient number 3

Vodka mixture will leave your skin feeling fresh and helps keep your armpits dry after application. Remember that for best results, you should gently shake the bottle to mix the ingredients again before the application and use it every time.

Process Liquid - How to Make Deodorant

The manufacturing process liquid deodorant can be very simple and there are an infinite number of combinations of essential oils that you can use to customize the scent of deodorant really to your liking. Then, in a small bowl, mix 10-15 drops of your favorite essential oil, combined with 125 ml of vodka (not drink!) And stir well. Add 80 ml of witch hazel and incorporate them into the mixture. Once well mixed, pour the mixture into your spray bottle or pump and presto! Now you have a completely natural liquid deodorant is easy to do, effective and healthy for your body every day!