Friday, February 22, 2013

Sagging Skin - My Best Skin Care conclusions

The idea of ​​finding the perfect product for my skin sagging novice began a few years ago, when much to my surprise and amazement, I discovered that my skin was not so tight anymore, but the loss of firmness and elasticity. After a few months, I discovered that it was mostly their niche + 50 women, which annoyed me to discover, but to dissuade me from continuing to read issue after issue.

So my quest to find solutions to my detachment began with discomfort.

More obstacles have disappeared when I returned disappointed and deceived by the gravity and complexity of the items I was interested especially in the interior, because the solutions and corrections are simple, basic, sometimes stupid and completely familiar to any reader who decides to pay attention to certain subject.

In general, the solutions that you can find events for either small or subtle cases that will surely succumb to a rudimentary treatment. But, if you are interested in finding other new ways to treat your pain, you can easily find yourself out of luck, because they rarely offer recommendations box.

In my case, in an attempt to create a solution for skin tightening of "loose skin" frustration brought me no matter how I tried sources. I continued to reject any recommendation for practice brainer, moisturizers, surgery (no thank you!), Or magic pills.

Many articles have focused on the face and neck, making my search more difficult because my most problematic areas are the arms, abdomen and legs (although the face and neck would surely be a second )

: Stubborn and determined to restore my collagen and elastin led me to a lot of time and energy to devote to what I find the most recent ingredients just discovered

• Cynergy TK (a functional keratin);
• Phytessence Wakame (Japanese seaweed extract)
• Coenzyme Q10 (antioxidant)

I learned that the effects of loose skin and sagging because they have been proven to stimulate the production of skin proteins lost, especially when combined in a single product. Old habits still have a good job and I'm not throwing regular exercise, proper hydration, avoid prolonged sun exposure and maintain a healthy weight.