Friday, January 11, 2013

Is It Safe to Cut Off Skin Tags

Skin tags are small growths that usually appear on the skin. While not painful or dangerous. Many people tend to get rid of them in order to maintain a smooth complexion. Research has shown that if you cut them, you become vulnerable to infections that can lead to serious medical problems. It is therefore wise to learn about the underlying risks that come with cutting.


This is the first risk removing the tags.


You can look in the mirror and think you can get rid of your tags by cutting with a scalpel. A do-it-yourself approach of these small tumors can cause excessive bleeding that can lead to serious health problems. In fact, excessive bleeding puts the affected area for many infections that lead to further complications.

Chemicals and acids tend to spread to other parts of the skin causing discoloration. Sometimes permanent discoloration.

Ugly scar

Skin tags can affect your appearance, but to remove them by yourself may cause more harm than good. This permanent scars can not only enhance your appearance and affect your skin, it can also reduce your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Risk of skin cancer

Sometimes what you consider a small label can really sensitive and if you cut it, it may even cancer. Research shows that in some rare cases, the tags are sensitive and can actually lead to skin cancer, especially if you cut them without the intervention of a dermatologist. If you are not aware of the dangers of removing skin tags at home, it is always good to contact your doctor for more information and review.

Insofar as they affect your eyes, skin tags are harmless and painless. If you remove the tags by yourself, it may be the beginning of your problems. You can suffer from various infections, excessive bleeding, discoloration of the skin or cause permanent scarring. The worst will come when the skin tag turns out to be cancer. If this small tumors annoying and ugly, it would be safer if you go to a doctor and have it removed by a qualified dermatologist.

What steps can you take to safely remove a skin tag?