Saturday, January 5, 2013

Anti Aging Skin Care Products that Work to Prevent Wrinkles

The number one target of anti-aging cream is to prevent or reduce wrinkles. Now, before we get into these creams work and which are not, you should know what causes wrinkles and significance of anti-aging and anti-aging skin care that work to prevent wrinkles when s 'is your skin.

Sun Rays - the main reason behind the lines and wrinkles

Aging is not the only cause of wrinkles, sunlight is too big a culprit. Which is often ultraviolet rays penetrate the skin and destroy the fibers in the skin called elastin. When degrades elastin, the skin ends in much less flexible, reduces the ability to bounce back after being stretched and twisted on.

The effects of gravity - make you look much older

Another main cause of making you look older gravity. Since the degradation of elastin and weakened by the sun, while several other changes in the skin occur due to aging (less fat and a reduced amount of the support structure), gravity will pull the bottom of your skin, which creates pockets.

Smoking makes you much more

Some people smoke to join the others. The truth is smoking ages your skin make you look years older. Cigarette smoking causes specific lines and wrinkles of the skin by means of the destruction of elastin by depriving the cells of the skin of oxygen.

If ever photographs of those who smoke and non-smokers who are exactly the same age as her juxtaposed together, tobacco users almost always felt more mature. Anti-Aging Skin Care Products that work to prevent wrinkles

A large number of products on the market that claim to reduce or even reduce wrinkles. Usually, the label a kind of complex scientific vocabulary antioxidants, nutrients and other things that probably makes the skin look younger.

Where Anti-Aging Skin Care Products to find specific formulations that work